Matthew Parker, ATO, DPS, PI
CEO, Owner
Independent Security Advisors

Matthew Parker is the Owner and CEO of Independent Security Advisors, a certified disabled veteran-owned company based in Maryland that provides consulting, training, and other services on matters of national security & terrorism, extremism, domestic violence, and executive or diplomatic protection.

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Charles Reinhold
Adjunct Instructor 

Mr. Charles Reinhold is a distinguished graduate of the Independent Security Advisors Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course and has completed the ISA EP instructor training and role player/evaluator program. He is a credentialed Armed Personal Protection Specialist, and Private Detective

 Currently an ISA senior adjunct instructor, Mr. Reinhold is also a certified general instructor with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Army.

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Stephani Rodriguez LVN
CPR/AED/First Aid

Ms. Rodriguez is an ISA CPR instructor, role player, and our senior training observer and safety coordinator. Graduating from nursing school and earning her LVN in 2003, she went on to provide care to patients in Mental Health & Medical & Surgical clinics, and for over the last decade, she has been providing Pediatric Homecare.

But what also makes our team member special is her work for homeless veterans and her work in the US Navy Reserve.  

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Mr. Kevin Brey
Archangels Shield, LLC
Adjunct Instructor

Kevin Brey officially joined the Independent Security Advisors Training Division as an adjunct instructor with the executive protection training course in March 2022. An ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection course graduate Mr. Brey also brings his 27 years with the North Carolina State Highway Patrol, where he served in the ranks of Trooper, Sergeant, and First Sergeant, and with him comes his executive protection experience with North Carolina’s Governor and Lieutenant Governor details.
Mobile: (704) 662-2379

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Mr. Beau Jarvis
Adjunct Instructor

Mr. Jarvis joined the Independent Security Advisors training division as an adjunct instructor for executive protection training in March 2022. An ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection Training Graduate, guest speaker and role player/evaluator, and assistant instructor, Beau brings to ISA his twenty-two years of experience in law enforcement including his certification as an Instructor/Trainer for the 28th largest Police Department in the Nation. 

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Vadim Shivilov
Owner of Vadim Tactical Training of Warsaw Poland
Vadim Shivilov the owner of Vadim tactical training of Warsaw Poland and after extensive vetting he joins ISA as our newest adjunct instructor, range master, and European office manager.
 A former special detachment operator of the KGB counter-terrorist unit Group “A” (Alfa) with the Republic of Belarus, Vadim brings his skills and experience to include sniper-scout and his service as a member of a group specializing in conducting covert special operations.


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The Independent Security Advisors House of Worship Program
Program Ambassador
Bishop Charles R. Thomas, Sr.

Bishop Thomas understands the risks to the safety and security of pastors and parishioners attending services in today’s House’s of Worship across all denominations, and he is an advocate for improved safety and security training and assessment programs. As our ambassador, he will reach out to all denominations to introduce our House of Worship programs and serve as a special adviser to our team of instructors and SMEs.

Bishop Charles R. Thomas, Sr. is the Senior Pastor and Founder of One Way Outreach International Fellowship of Churches and Ministries, Inc. He also serves as a chaplain for the Harris County 3rd District Constables Office.

In 1992, Bishop Thomas enrolled in the Bishop C.H. Mason Bible College where he earned a degree in Ministry and Theology, and in 1994 he was ordained an Elder and began to minister in the streets of Chicago. Bishop Thomas holds a Master’s in Pastoral Counseling and an Honorary Doctorate from Midwest Christian Seminary in Schererville, Indiana.

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Instructors and Training Staff
“Knowing something really well doesn’t mean you can teach it well” – Small Pond Science

All ISA Instructors are vetted and their training, operational experience, and credentials are regulated and subject to audit.

ISA requires all of our staff to have real-world operational proven experience in the material they teach.  Instructors must attend continuing education courses and instructor development training to stay with our program.