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cenforce 100 mg centurion laboratories Mr. Charles Reinhold is a distinguished graduate of the Independent Security Advisors Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course and has completed the ISA EP instructor training and role player/evaluator program. He is a credentialed Armed Personal Protection Specialist, and Private Detective  Currently an ISA senior adjunct instructor, Mr. Reinhold is also a certified general instructor with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, and the United States Army.

cenforce vs viagra  Mr. Reinhold is a key member of the ISA instructional design team which is responsible to ensure that our training programs, curriculum, and lesson plans follow the most current training standards and doctrine of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers and US Military training academies and that we hold both instructors and students alike to strict standards of performance and conduct.

 An accomplished marksman and National Rifle Association certified pistol instructor with over 20 years of professional firearms training and competition experience, he has received numerous awards and citations for his service as well as for marksmanship, including the Army’s medal Expert in Combat Marksmanship – Rifle (in bronze). 

 With this experience, ISA is honored to have him as our primary CCW and basic firearms instructor, and if that wasn’t enough, Mr. Reinhold is also the Deputy Commander of the 183rd Regiment, Regional Training Institute which is recognized as one of the best military training centers known for its world-class instructors and modern classroom facilities located on Fort Pickett in Virginia.

  As the Deputy Commander, some of his responsibilities include; providing leadership to over 100 of the finest trainers in the Virginia Army National Guard; ensuring all the courses of the Virginia Regional Training Institute including the Infantry and transportation specialist Military Occupational Skill transition courses, the Air Assault and Pathfinder mobile training courses, the Light Leader and Rappel Master courses, the Virginia Army National Guard’s Marksmanship Program, and the Officer and Warrant Officer Candidate Schools are proponent and TRADOC accredited and administered following One Army School System (OASS) standards.

 Mr. Reinhold’s experience means he understands the critical importance of providing world-class training, having experienced and certified Instructors, and that we introduce our students to the latest methods, procedures, technology, materials, and equipment.