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The ISA Training Division was established&nbsp

Education, Training & Accreditation

 The ISA Training Division was established in 2016 and is tasked with providing oversight of all our programs of instruction, accreditation, and college or university recognition agreements. All training conducted here in the United States and internationally falls into this division. The training and administrative staff have one responsibility, to provide world-class fully accredited specialized training to law enforcement, the military, and private & corporate security organizations.

Although not a non-profit organization, one of the training divisions’ primary missions is the establish a network of trained executive protection and security specialists across the country the ISA operations division, and the domestic violence action network can call on if needed. This mandate to provide training first and build networks second takes precedence over profit margins. 


In 2011 ISA conducted its first training program for law enforcement, a 50-hour dignitary protection course focused on the security of local and state elected officials. Requested by sheriff’s deputies and local officers after the assassination attempt of Congresswoman Gabriel Gifford’s in Arizona, it was held in Blacksburg Virginia, and provided advanced executive protection training to 20 officers and deputies.

2012-2013  Success and Expansion

By August 2012 the course had been further refined, and it caught the attention of the University of Maryland Public Safety Academy where it was taught until April 2013. During the nine months of that program, ISA instructors trained troopers, deputies, and officers from 21 federal, state or local law enforcement agency’s or departments including :

  • The US Federal Police Service
  • US Park Police
  • US Army Military Police
  • US Air Force Security Police (Ravan)
  • Maryland and Delaware State Police
  • Anne Arundel, Arlington, Fredrick, Loudoun, Prince Georges, Montgomery, and Baltimore County police departments
  • Executive Protection Unit Philadelphia Police
  • Executive Protection Unit Baltimore City Police
  • Executive Protection Unit Prince Georges County Police
  • Police officers from California & Ohio
  • Universities of Massachusetts, George Mason, and George Washington police departments
  • Private and corporate investigators and security officers

Prince Georges County Police Training Academy

In June 2013 ISA was invited to conduct its new fully state-accredited seven-day Dignitary and Executive Protection course at the Prince Georges County Maryland Police Training Academy. ISA conducted three programs in 2015. Students attended from:

  • The Maryland State Police Executive Protection Unit
  • Local police departments
  • The US Air Force
  • The State Attorney’s Office
  • Fully vetted private security specialists

Present Day

Today the ISA training division conducts fully accredited programs that include:

  • Dignitary and Executive Protection
  • Terrorism and Extremism
  • Physical Security
  • Surveillance
  • Use of Force
  • Specialized Drivers and Medical Courses 

Industry Recognition

in 2018-2019 ISA training programs have enjoyed the support of executive protection and security industry leaders, educational institutions & public safety academies, and specialized training and security services providers.  

Note: ISA courses have welcomed guest speakers and instructors from EP and security industry-leading companies


ISA training courses have been endorsed by the International Foundation for Protection Officers and conducted in partnership with official state and local police departments and training facilities and sponsored by state and local law enforcement Executive Protection Units.

Note: Training courses are fully accredited or approved for law enforcement in-service credit in Maryland, Virginia, South Carolina, and renewed for POST credit in Georgia.

Note: The North Carolina Department of Public Safety authorizes ISA course completion to be placed in an officers’ permanent records. 


In 2020 ISA training courses had their accreditations and approvals renewed for private security and investigators in Virginia, North and South Carolina, and new courses approved by the NC PPSB for 12 CEUs.

Note: in 2019 the ISA EP course DPP 101 was renewed as an approved alternative training provider for the 32E & 32I DCJS Personal Protection Specialist Program


The ISA training program has been determined to meet the requirements for training DOD students under all applicable DODI and regulations.

Multiple ISA training courses have been approved on the First Forward Network for the training of first responders.

ISA training curriculums are based on real-world operational experience and meet or exceed the mandatory training requirements of state regulatory agencies and law enforcement academies.

ISA lesson plans and syllabus are reviewed quarterly to determine what if any information, techniques, or technology need to be updated within ISA training courses. 



Students today come from

  • The US Military
  • Local, campus, county, and state law enforcement
  • Tribal and federal agencies and law enforcement
  • Corporate and private security organizations

Community Service

Domestic Violence Action Network

ISA is the parent organization behind the Domestic Violence Action Network. Re-established in 2016, this network of security providers assists victims of domestic violence in partnership with law enforcement, state, local, and private domestic violence organizations.

ISA provides close protection, secure transport, close escort, and other services as needed. This network also helps raise money for our DV partners so they can continue to serve those in need. 



ISA is licensed, insured, and registered with the charter office of assessments and taxation for the state of Maryland

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