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Attachment thumbnail Vadim Shivilov the owner of Vadim tactical training of Warsaw Poland and after extensive vetting he joins ISA as our newest adjunct instructor, range master, and European office manager.
 A former special detachment operator of the KGB counter-terrorist unit Group “A” (Alfa) with the Republic of Belarus, Vadim brings his skills and experience to include sniper-scout and his service as a member of a group specializing in conducting covert special operations.
 During his period of service, he studied at the postgraduate course of the KGB National Security Institute with a dissertation on the “Organization and tactics of combating illegal armed formations/sabotage and reconnaissance formations of the potential enemy in a special period and wartime”. 
 Vadim was also assigned as an instructor and training program developer of his organization’s combat training program, of which many elements are still used to the present day which is a testimony of his training and instructor accumen.
 Subsequently, on leaving national service, he worked in a private military services sector as an instructor training operatives of special units for different African countries, and was responsible for planning, organizing, and conducting special events by various special units of these African states.
 He has extensive combat experience and is a specialist in tactics, and conducting non-traditional forms of armed struggle. In 2017, he took part in an exchange program for instructors in Jordan with the KASOTC – Training Center for the Special Forces named after King Abdullah II of Jordan. 
Other experiences include:
  1. Master instructor in sports gymnastics
  2. Winner of multiple competitions within the special forces community of the CIS countries (obstacle course, hand-to-hand combat, tactical pistol shooting) and sniper shooting (third personal place among snipers of special units of the state security bodies of the CIS 2001)
  3. Airborne qualified and free fall and (BASE jumping specialization)
  4. Deep diving qualified (maximum depth of a personal autonomous dive is 152 meters of seawater)
  5. Instructor certificate from the International Association of Technical Diving
  6. Executive Protection Training
Currently working as an individual instructor in the field of Combat Shooting techniques and special-tactics training for his own company and ISA. he may be contacted via e-mail at Vadim Shivilov <[email protected]>

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