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CPR/AED/First aid

Stephani Williamson LVN
Executive Protection Training Program
Safety & Compliance Manager
AVERT – Active Violence Emergency Response Training
CPR/AED/Stop Bleed/First Aid

 Ms. Williamson is an ISA AVERT & CPR instructor, senior role player, and our training safety coordinator. Graduating from nursing school and earning her LVN in 2003, she went on to provide care to patients in Mental Health & Medical & Surgical clinics, and for over the last decade she provided Pediatric Homecare. She is also a primary instructor to her US Navy organization and we are honored she decided to join ISA 

 Ms. Williamson became a CPR Instructor about 10 years ago and not only does she have a passion for teaching people how to save lives she plays a critical part in the overall ISA training program by overseeing compliance with applicable safety regulations and policies in the classroom as well in the field or on the ranges.

 Often overlooked by civilian training programs, Ms. Williamson has the responsibility and authority to ensure students and instructors follow certain safety guidelines and best practices.  There is never an excuse for injuries due to “accidents” especially when those “accidents” were foreseeable.

 Why should Ms. Williamson be given such responsibilities? Well,  A US Navy Reservist and aircraft framing specialist/mechanic, she understands how lives can be lost, and a million dollar piece of equipment or an aircraft can be damaged by a simple safety violation or failure to pay attention to detail.

 Sailor of the Quarter, 1st Quarter 2021, she volunteered to serve on extended duty aboard ship where she qualified, certified, and met or exceeded the training or knowledge required of her military occupation, and then went on to demonstrate outstanding leadership to her subordinates.

 Ms. Williamsons military discipline and attention to detail coupled with her compassion and medical skills as well as her dedication to duty and service to others, whether as a medical professional or US Navy sailor makes her a perfect fit with our training programs philosophy of always striving for excellence.

For refresher and recertification training she can be reached at [email protected]