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Payment Policy

Effective for all programs after 1 January 2022, Due to new IRS and state regulations we have updated tuition and registration fee payment information.

Note: 2024 compliance regulations require we pay additional administrative and accounting costs to process credit cards. For those reasons we were forced to institute a 3% surcharge on all credit card tuition payments IAW State and Federal law. 

Payment methods: We accept credit cards and payment with Square using (G Pay, Cash App), cash, checks, and the Zelle phone app for mobile payment.

Note: At ISA we take issue with the fees and other costs imposed on merchants and their customers by the credit card companies. 2% cashback hardly covers the interest rates on most cards, and we as vendors have to pay 2.0%-3.5% fees or higher to accept cards, and with new compliance regulations there are new administrative and accounting costs. For those reasons we were forced to institute a 3% surcharge on all credit card tuition payments IAW State and Federal law. 

Credit Card Authorization Required:

ISA accepts credit cards from pre-screened and approved government agencies.

Individual students will need to complete a credit card authorization form to pay by credit card available by logging in to the EP Training website:  and using the username and password provided to students in the welcome letter.

You may also request a form by contacting us at 315-486-7854 or via e-mail at [email protected]

Note: Students must have a credit card payment authorization form on file before graduation.

Why Zelle?
 Because business is being conducted more and more on the move using smartphones and tablets, and current trends have already shown a remarkable reduction in the use of debit/credit cards, and an increase in the use of smart devices to pay for goods and services. We believe this will carry over into the security industry so it’s better to fully embrace these changes now than be left standing alone with an unused credit card terminal.

Primary method:  The Zelle cell phone app payments should be sent to phone number 315-486-7854, you will receive an automatic confirmation of payment and we will send you a receipt. 


2023-2024 Rates and Class Attendance Instructions

Step 1. To attend all courses over $800.00 please reserve your seat by paying the registration fee. 


The registration fee: Non-refundable (Government and law enforcement agencies may request a waiver)

 This fee may be required to secure a seat in a training program, and is credited to your tuition payment on attending. Individual students may request a waiver of the fee but it is not guaranteed. The registration fee is $250.00 for all classes over $800.00

Due no later than ten (10) days from the first day of training. This allows groups, agencies and departments the opportunity to substitute, add or remove students without penalty.   

To pay the registration fee by credit card:


Non Refundable Registration Fee


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Step 2.Select your tuition Program and make payment. Note, Full payment is not due until day three of training. 

Dignitary and Executive Protection Seven Day Course, aka Basic Course

Executive Protection Specialist (Basic Course)

Executive Protection Specialist (Basic Course)


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Law Enforcement & Military Rates

Law Enforcement & Military Rates


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 International Foundation of Protection Officers Rate

International Foundation of Protection Officers

International Foundation of Protection Officers


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North Carolina PPSB Legal Compliance Course

For those that have completed an approved PPSB Close Protection program but not the required legal and compliance training.

North Carolina PPSB Legal and Regulatory Training and Exam.

North Carolina PPSB Legal and Regulatory Training and Exam.


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