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Course Description: This program introduces the student to the critical emergency medical skills or procedures for agents assigned to a protective detail.
Emphasis is placed on introducing the student to triage and reaction procedures, and the legal implications of rendering aid.

This course addresses the most common low threat medical scenarios such as basic soft tissue injuries, orthopedic and muscular issues, common illness, medication interaction and over the counter drugs, as well as the most common medical emergencies such as heart attack & stroke, food poisoning, drug overdose, and allergic reactions.

Students will also be introduced to treating trauma from blunt force, blade or firearm with or without the protectee wearing body armor protection.    

Agents will complete CPR, AED and basic first aid certification or recertification.

This is not an advanced medical training or EMT program. It is designed to provide additional skills beyond basic CPR and first aid with a focus on triage, reaction procedures and providing emergency medical treatment to stabilize a sick or injured person.  

Protective Agent Medical Response Program

Ver; Jan 1, 2017

 (5 Days) (50-60 hrs)

 2 Terminal Learning Objectives (10 ELOs)

7 Practical Exercises

Live Capstone

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