Introduction to Protection (Law enforcement and Private Investigators & Security)

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Course Description: Provides specialized training to private investigators, corporate executive protection agents, private and contract security guards and law enforcement, introducing them to the critical and basic skills or procedures required to support, or conduct, short-term dignitary/executive protective service operations independently, or in cooperation with agency’s such as the US Secret Service.

The program prepares students who will conduct or support dignitary/executive protective service operations for private clients, elected officials, political appointees, members of the court and corporate executives who may be potential targets of terrorism and/or criminal acts to include domestic violence and stalking.

Approved for 12 CEUs by the North Carolina Protective Services Board #ncppsb 
Accredited for Law Enforcement in-service credit

Receives college credit

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Dignitary & Executive Protection
(Law Enforcement & Private Investigators)
Ver; Jan 1, 2017
(5 Days) (50 hrs.)
29 Learning objectives
9 Practical exercises
2 facilitated discussions
live capstone

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