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Course Description

Fully Accredited Program with the Maryland Police Training Commission, and by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice as part of the ISA 32E Personal Protection Specialist Course (PPS) #terrorismawareness 

Provides specialized training to students on the threat of terrorism and extremism, an emphasis is placed on introducing the student to the definition, operational methods, current operations and recruiting methods of terror organizations. We discuss the use of social media in the propaganda, radicalization and recruiting effort by these groups, and the philosophy of combating their message.

Students will take part in a “red cell” capstone event where they will act as both a terrorist and a protector. Students will form a terror cell, determine their motive and target lists. Teams will conduct all the elements of the attack cycle and prepare their attack plans and media campaign. 

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Terrorism and Extremism Training Course
Ver; Jan 1, 2017
(1-2 Days) (10-20 hrs.)
18 Learning objectives
3 Practical exercises
2 facilitated discussions
live capstone

Download a copy of the syllabus here