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Course Description

 The course is designed to introduce the student, whether law enforcement, private security or investigators to the critical, basic and advanced foundations of protection.  The methodology and procedures are based on the US Secret Service concept of security in depth so the students learn an established standard of conduct as well as operations, individual skill sets and procedures.

 But interoperability of private security and law enforcement is the major component of this course.

This program will specifically address the issues associated with the different security organizations, agencies, and departments when they are operating around and within each other’s “controlled space”, especially within the operational authority of the US Secret Service, state and local law enforcement.

The program standardizes procedures and skillsets to prepare students who will conduct or support dignitary/executive protective service operations for private clients, elected officials, political appointees, members of the court and corporate executives who may be potential targets of terrorism and/or criminal acts.

Course History

Originally the introduction to EP operations course for local and campus law enforcement, this program was redesigned to bring private security organizations and law enforcement together under one standardized program of instruction. This course prepares students to provide close protective services at all levels of threat and in accordance with all applicable international, federal, state and local laws and regulations in a multi-jurisdictional environment or national security event.  

Admission requirements: Review the course syllabus.        Retail Cost: $2250.00  Special tuition programs available.

Private Security EP Operations

Law Enforcement Accredited

Ver; October 2018

 (7 Days) (70+ hrs.)

 28 Learning objectives

9 Practical exercises

2 facilitated student-led operational exercises

2 live capstones

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