New EP Agents, On the Outside Looking In. Its your own fault.

New to the industry? Consider this advice, if you want to succeed lose the tunnel vision and be ready to grab opportunities to network and train when they are presented to you. 

It seems a week doesn’t go by without my e-mail or private message feeds receiving a similar question,
“I want to get into the EP industry but I can’t afford the training required”
“Why aren’t their programs for those of us just getting into the industry like there are for cops and the military”

Ok, first, and I mean this from the heart, “are you kidding me, or are you just too lazy to look?”


 The Vehicle Dynamics Institute had a scholarship program; it was specifically for those new to the industry. It required a paper on why you wanted to do EP work and how the training would help you. It has ceased to be, because “those new to the industry” didn’t think they should need to write a paper, or they were just too lazy.

But that is only a driving school you say

Well, Samaritan  Protective Services (SPS) of Virginia an industry-leading Veteran owned company specializing in corporate security, risk management and Investigations joined with the Independent Security Advisors Training Division to offer new EP agents they hired a bonus. Free seats in the ISA fully accredited dignitary and executive protection course. A new agent would get free training, their Virginia 32E credentials needed to work in Virginia and a job.

You know how many hard-charging new agents looking to get into the industry sent their resumes to Samaritan, 0, none. You want work, you want training, you need to network, and here Samaritan hands you everything you want without a single taker.

But I don’t live in Virginia

@ISA conducted training in Illinois, North & South Carolina, and Maryland as well as in Virginia in 2018-2019. We also had classes in California, Massachusetts, and Texas planned but you didn’t register so those host agencies sent their agents to our classes on the East coast instead. 

But the cost

Oh, well, there is only the Executive Protection Leadership and Development Group tuition plan that knocks $1000 off your tuition and the Steel Rain tuition plan that does the same.  

Members of the International Foundation for Protection Officers and the North Carolina Association of Private Investigators both receive $1000 off and if you’re a member of ASIS and your chapter registers that’s another tuition plan available to you.

Not to mention that @ISA has two scholarship programs, one for veterans and one for private security or new agents. 100% paid and 90% paid tuition plans.

But there were no jobs available

Oh really? What genius told you that? Oh, you mean conventional full-time EP details for a CEO or other principle. Well, you’re wrong again, there were openings available, but you were required to start from the bottom and work your way into the detail. You just didn’t want to wait.

@ISA had short term (1-2 week) jobs that paid $30.00-$50.00 an hour where you could have learned under experienced team leaders as you put money into your pocket. But you didn’t want to stand a post or escort reporters or work unarmed details.

There is no EP work where I live

Move, what else do you want me to say, move. Right now you’re an unknown, with no network or experience and if you’re not willing to take a job out of town or out of state nobody is going to come calling.

I don’t know what else to say, if you’re not willing to do your research, write a paper or apply for a scholarship what exactly do you think we can, or should do for you?
Matthew Parker, DPS, ATO

Reminder, The next Independent Security Advisors Accredited Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course AKA Private Security EP Operations will be August 12th to the 18th in Concord North Carolina.

PPSB Attendance Certification
The following course(s) has been approved by the Private Protective Services Board as meeting the criteria for Continuing Education (CE) credit as specified in 14B NCAC 16 .1203 for a period of four (4) years.
Course Name: Private Security EP Operations
Course Number: PPSB-19-003
12.0 Classroom Hours

@ISA is also an approved alternative training provider for the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Personal Protection Specialist Course 32E. This allows a graduate of this course to apply for the official Commonwealth of Virginia PPS Credential.

This course is also approved for law enforcement in-service, and adult education credits.

NCAPI members receive special tuition rates and are eligible for private security and veteran scholarships.

Time is running out, so register by August 6th, 2019 if you want the reduced tuition rates.
For more information e-mail us at [email protected]

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