Steel Rain Executive Protection Initial Entry Training Program

 ISA and the Steel Rain EP Initial Entry Training Program

Sponsored by Ms. Lorelee Thurman, Managing Partner, V Companies & CEO/President

Steel Rain Risk Management Group, Inc.

Referred students may receive up to $1000.00 off tuition costs
Students may receive three months of free mentorship and resume assistance
Students may be eligible for additional benefits, contact us for more information

When Independent Security Advisors LLC established our training division it was to provide accredited and certified Dignitary & Executive Protection training to law enforcement and other official departments or agencies. But as we conducted these training programs across the country we started to receive requests to attend courses from non-law enforcement, mostly private investigators, commercial security guards, or civilians that were new to the EP industry and felt having accredited training would be beneficial as they entered the job market.

 So we expanded our programs, added a scholarship and group rates for civilians, and entered into special tuition plan agreements with commercial security and private investigation associations. Then we sought out and added new accreditations and certifications from state regulatory agencies so that students could earn credentials that would meet the requirements to provide executive protection services in those states and jurisdictions. 
 But after all that time and effort the one thing still missing was a dedicated program for those new to the industry. Well, thanks to Ms. Lorelee Thurman an ISA alumnus that shortfall is taken care of. 

  The Steel Rain EP initial Entry Training Program sponsored by Ms. Lorelee Thurman, Managing Partner, V Companies & CEO/President, Steel Rain Risk Management Group provides a

Executive Protection Training -Tuition savings

$1000.00 reduction in tuition for candidates seeking accredited training for the sole purpose of entering the executive protection industry, and for those who have started that transition within the last 3 years or less.


*Must not have attended EP training or obtained state certifications from other training institutes or facilities specifically for entering the EP industry except;
1. Select International of Florida
2. General training courses required for guard cards or similar credentials

*Must be between the age of 18 to 35 years old and reside legally in the United States. (40-45 years old if a veteran or retired from law enforcement)


*Submit answers to the following questions in an essay format of 1,000-2,000 words, and with proper grammar and spelling.

 ** Discuss how your interest in this industry developed, why you want to be a close protection agent, and describe your experience in the field (if any) – such as volunteer work, an assigned detail, or internship – and what you gained from this involvement.

** Briefly describe your long- and short-term goals including where you see yourself 10 years from now.

** From a financial standpoint, what impact would this scholarship have on your education and/or career?

(Bonus Question)  If you had the authority to change the world in a positive way through this career path, what specific changes would you make? 

Special Instructions:

Candidates are required to register with DCJS

Once DCJS receives your application you will receive a temporary registration with your DCJS 99 number. You must have a 99 number prior to attending the training.

Submit the essay with a copy of your Virginia DCJS 99 number and a completed Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Criminal History Form available at  via e-mail to;

L Thurman

CEO/President, Steel Rain Risk Management Group, Inc.


 If you truly want to enter the EP industry then this program is for you. It provides no non-sense EP specific, accredited, and state-approved training that can earn you a credential as a personal protection specialist; you enter into a network of like-minded professionals and it provides mentorship into the future.


I’m not operating in the Metro DC region so why do I need to register with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice and have a 99 number?

 Because this training is approved for the DCJS PPS credential, and as such, each student must meet the state requirements to attend.

ISA has spent a great amount of time and resources to meet the requirements of our accreditation bodies, and we are subject to audit at any time. To ensure we are always in full compliance our students under this program must also meet the same standards of compliance.

We believe in quantifiable training standards and in a curriculum that provides real scenario-based executive protection course study. We also support national standards and regulatory oversite of EP training, so if we are going to demand students meet those standards as well, then under this program students are going to have to meet the registration requirements of the state of Virginia.  

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