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Kitama When you decide to attend an educational or advanced training program, you are making an investment of time and money in you.

But the cost of that investment should not leave you with dangerous levels of debt that can easily overwhelm you and your family’s finances.  All to often students hope they will find work after graduation that will help them pay off their credit cards or replenish savings. That unfortunately is not always the case, and students find themselves forced to take any job available to pay their bills. As an employer or supervisor w hen you decide to send an employee to attend an educational or advanced training program, you are making an investment of time and money in that employee.

But the cost of that training can deplete training budgets quickly, and for many organizations you need to weigh the utility of that training versus the cost. How often do you find budget shortfalls preventing staff from needed or required training? Are you forced to consider low cost or substandard training because its priced outside your available resources?      

ISA has special tuition programs available to assist new entry level candidates, members of law enforcement, veterans and members of the military, as well as groups or organizations partnered or associated with ISA.

Wichita Scholarships

ISA has been honored by two benefactors with scholarships for 2018. 


ISA House of Worship Security Program Coexist Scholarship

Coexist Training Scholarship  The Independent Security Advisors House of Worship Security Program is proud to extend the coexist scholarship available...

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COVID 19 Financial Hardship Grant for Executive Protection Training

 The COVID 19 pandemic has taken a financial toll on our country as businesses have been forced to close their...

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Executive Protection Training – Tuition Costs

Executive Protection Training Tuition Costs Do Not Tell The Whole Story. Matt Parker CEO, ISA  Brand name or generic?  Well...

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Executive Protection Training; It cost more so it must be better, another myth. (Update)

Update: ISDA has renewed tuition plans with Henley Putnam University, ASIS members, and North Carolina Association of Private Investigators. 8/6/2018 Since...

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The International Foundation for Protection Officers Tuition Program

An Announcement for Members of the International Foundation for Protective Officers Tuition reductions up to 50%   Educational and Training...

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ASIS Membership Tuition Programs

ISA is not a partner or member of ASIS. Tuition reductions are only offered to members of those chapters that...

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Law Enforcement Tuition Plans

As members of law enforcement you placed your life on the line everyday for the community, so to honor your...

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Veterans & Active Military Tuition Programs

With separation or retirement from military service comes uncertainty. ISA has programs to help with the adjustment of veterans entering...

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