The International Foundation for Protection Officers Tuition Program

An Announcement for Members of the

International Foundation for Protective Officers

Tuition reductions up to 50%


Educational and Training Tuition Programs 

Independent Security Advisors has been a proud educational and training partner with The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) for several years, and we look forward to continuing that partnership into the future. We both believe that standardized and accredited educational programs and training courses should form the foundation of any security professional’s career, and are a necessary and essential part of continuing education as well. 

 The IFPO is a 501c3 non-profit serving individual security professionals, security companies, and other organizations with their own private security staff, and because the IFPO extends a complimentary 15% discount to Veterans and Law Enforcement for their training programs, ISA is proud to offer special tuition rates to IFPO members. All members of the IFPO in good standing can attend any ISA training course or seminar and receive up to 50% off.

 The ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection course, for instance, is $2300.00 normally, for IFPO members you save $1000 and the $1300.00 tuition rate may still be adjusted down for veterans. See future ISA training announcements for the IFPO tuition rate on each course.  

Why give such a generous reduction in tuition? because members of the IFPO understand the need for real accredited training and we understand the importance of an organization like the IFPO on the industry as a whole. The IFPO supports standards for not just training, but also for instructors and they support industry standards for professional conduct as well.

But the IFPO isn’t an Executive Protection Industry association, they are predominantly in the security officer or services industry, so why work with them at all? Because of the cost for a fully trained and properly credentialed EP agent, many clients are replacing them for static security duties with security officers. During some events & assignments normally associated with executive protection operations, we are seeing contract security officers manning the outer and middle perimeters so are we to ignore them or work with them? 

 It’s best to embrace these new trends and if EP agents are going to be working in closer contact with security officers we need a common language and that starts with training together. For the security officers, the benefits of having executive protection training may include an increase in pay, additional responsibilities or advancement, management potential, or opportunities for additional work.  

And I would point out the IFPO stands for International Foundation for Protection Officers, and not security officers. Why wouldn’t ISA want to support its efforts?

For more information on tuition, accreditations, or registration requirements please visit  or call us direct at 315-486-7854.