Technical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance Programs March 15th-16th 2018

The Technical Surveillance and Counter Surveillance programs being conducted by Mr. Stephen Komorek, the Director of Law Enforcement Training and Special Investigations for Abacus Research Incorporated will be March 15th & 16th.

Private investigators, LEO and those interested in technical surveillance wishing to attend the 15th can register at 

For those interested in the application of  Technical Surveillance systems in the Counter-Surveillance mission register for the program on the 16th.  

The programs are as follows

1400 15 March 2018

Technical Surveillance outline


·         What is technical Surveillance?

·         Things to Consider

o   Installation

o   Tools

o   Equipment

·         Picking your spot

·         Installing

·         Case examples

·         Laws

·         Technical Surveillance in the workplace

·         Things to Consider

·         Private investigators and LEO

·         Types of Camera Systems

·         GPS Tracking

·         Questions and Exercise





1100 16 March 2018

Counter Surveillance using Technical Surveillance

·         Introduction

·         Types of Surveillance

·         Spy vs. Spy

·         Situational Awareness

·         ‘Kims Game’

·         SDRs

·         Technology

o   Cameras

o   Radio

o   GPS

·         Am I crazy?

·         Know thy Enemy

·         How to Counter

o   Mobile

o   On Foot

o   Breaking ‘the Bubble’

·         The ‘Mental’ Aspect

·         Counter Counter-Surveillance

·         Questions and Exercise 


Main:   (800) 246-8599  x 150

[email protected]