Ukrainian Security Services Training with ISA

In May 2023 Independent Security Advisors LLC co-founder and director of training Matthew Parker was honored to be contacted by the Ukrainian Security Services and requested to attend a meeting with the director of the court security service to discuss judicial security and executive protection measures.

During the meeting, a request was made for Mr. Parker to conduct an assessment of current security measures for their various protectees, and to provide diplomatic and executive protection training to agents.

 Mr. Parker who is currently on a leave of absence with ISA and serving with the International Legion of the Ukrainian Army was given authorization to conduct the work and over three days in Kyiv he worked with agents of the court security service, which is essentially the Ukrainian Marshals service.

 Assessments focused on their current operation tempo, basic daily procedures, and current threat assessments. And without a doubt, the tempo of operations and the threats are on a whole different scale than any standard close protective detail.

 For three days training focused on the inner 21 feet (7 meters) around the protectee and the measures taken to keep it secure. Dismounted movements, overwatch measures, force protection measures, and active defense were covered culminating with a trip to the dojo and range.

  Now how did this event happen to begin with? Surely the Ukrainian security services could reach out to the United States Department of State, the UK, the EU, or other governments for training support. Well in fact they did, in 2022, and these government agencies referred Mr. Parker.

 So fast forward to 2023 and they are looking for training again and Mr. Parker is in the country. So the director of the agency made the call and they made it happen.  This will not be the last program in 2023, but the security services of Ukraine can be confident this training like all ISA programs will be fully accredited, vetted, and will meet their needs.  

 Know who else took note of Mr. Parker being in Ukraine training the USS, The Russians who went as far as to highlight his activity on a propaganda website:

 For others seeking training in Diplomatic and Executive Protection, just ask yourself, who do government and law enforcement agencies turn to for real-world training when lives are really on the line? 

What training provider has been approved for in-service and continuing education credits for law enforcement and corporate or private security providers?

And then ask when Independent Security Advisors LLC will be conducting its next accredited program. Join with official international government agencies, domestic law enforcement, and others who when it counts trust ISA..

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