Law Enforcement In-Service Credit

Law Enforcement Accreditation and Recognition
In March 2013 the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy granted accreditation to the ISA 50 & 70+ Hour, Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Courses, approving them for law enforcement in-service training credits. This was followed in April by the Maryland Police Training Commission.

In 2014 ISA made vast strides in the accreditation of its training programs for law enforcement by receiving the Georgia Peace Officer Standards and Training Councils approval on January 3, 2014, followed by the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice in December 2014.

In March 2016 the Maryland Police Training Commission approved three training programs for in-service credit:
P27916 Terrorism Awareness and Community Policing
P27917 Dignitary & Executive Protection Specialist
P27918 Introduction to Dignitary Protection

Today ISA programs are approved for law enforcement in:
New Hampshire
North Carolina (In partnership with Central Piedmont Community College)
South Carolina
Now undergoing vetting for national law enforcement accreditation