The ISA Executive Protection Training Program Welcomes REDFIVE

Guess who is coming to dinner?

 ISA is proud and honored to announce REDFIVE will be sponsoring a lunch June 21st for students and guests of the @Dignitary & Executive Protection Training Program being conducted from the Anne Arundel County Police Academy in Maryland.

Now if a free meal doesn’t seem like much lets explain what this represents. Industry peers working together, networking, sharing ideas and showing mutual respect. In an industry where it can be all about getting that next contract and beating the other guy, here we have a well respected and successful security and management consulting company comprised of former CIA, FBI, U.S. Secret Service, and U.S. Military security professionals sponsoring a lunch for new students joining the industry and for members of law enforcement assigned to close protective duties.  

“So what” you say, its a marketing ploy of some type right?  Well, No.

 Lets look at it this way. Your reputation can be affected by those you associate with, who your clients are, or who works for you right? So why would REDFIVE sponsor a lunch and risk their reputation by associating with ISA?  Why spend money to feed new EP agents and members of law enforcement? 

 By the same token why would ISA, a highly respected and successful security and executive protection services and training provider comprised of former military and law enforcement security and protection professionals allow an outside company to sponsor a lunch for its students, what’s in it for us? Will our reputation be affected, will we lose clients.

 The answer is simple, respect. Respect for the students, some of which are taking their first steps into the EP industry. Respect for the industry, where working together like this may inspire other partnerships, and respect for each others company, its reputation, leadership, staff and how it does business. 

 And as part of the sponsorship REDFIVE’s Associate Director, @Carl Person, will represent REDFIVE during training in June where he will share his expertise of #security and #executive protection as an instructor and guest speaker. Mr. Person has been a adjunct instructor with @ISA in the past and is a highly decorated and respected former agent of the US Secret Service.  

 This isn’t about marketing, its about building relationships within the industry and giving back. This is a prime example of setting ego’s aside and working towards a common goal. REDFIVE and ISA instructors working together to share knowledge and experience with the students and with each other. Different philosophies or methods coming together for the students benefit and all because two companies are able to respect each other.

We want to thank REDFIVE for their kind offer to sponsor a lunch and for allowing Carl Person to once again work with our students. ; 

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