Supporting Our Military, A training opportunity we can’t refuse.

 This past June 2018 we visited the campus of Montgomery Community College to coordinate logistics for the executive protection training course we are conducting in August. It was during that meeting we were introduced to a gentleman who is part of the training cadre for a US Army Special Operations exercise that takes place nearby. We realized in our conversation that the capstone event that evaluates our students under real-world conditions was similar to an event in their training exercise. In fact so similar he invited us to consider conducting our capstone within their exercise. 

 A training assessment was completed looking at the tasks or actions required, evaluation criteria, and the scenarios involved, and we both determined integrating our capstone into a small part of their overall exercise would be valuable to both groups of students. We are generally going to be using the same facilities, number of role players, and operating under the same threat assessment and operational restrictions or procedures. And if that wasn’t enough, our capstone would add a realistic element to their exercise not used in the past. 

  The new capstone would involve our students providing a full detail to a “VIP” within the exercise and planning all the security arrangements for an “event”.  The elements of operational security, mission planning, advance work, threat assessments, surveillance detection, movement, and not to mention coordination with “outside” agencies will take on a whole new level of intensity for our students. 

 We fully understand and appreciate for our students to perform EP assignments under real-world conditions within this exercise is a once in a lifetime opportunity and experience they are unlikely to forget.  But this opportunity to support a US Army Special Operations training exercise with the integration of our EP training capstone also means we have to reschedule our training dates from August 20th – 26th to August 9th to the 15th. Students already enrolled may not be able to attend and those considering attending may not be willing to participate.  

 The Army undoubtedly doesn’t need us and will go forward regardless of our involvement. But we are asking our students to reschedule and attend if for no other reason than it’s an opportunity to support our military.  You will take part in a course that will be affected by this exercise from the first day of training through the capstone, and the skills you have learned during the course will be put to the test in a real-world environment not easily replicated anywhere. 

All accreditations, college credit, and program endorsements are unaffected, the course will continue to meet as regulatory requirements.  

Independent Security Advisors (ISA) is a disabled veteran-owned company, its owner served 21 years in the US Army and much of our staff are veterans. So we hope you will please consider joining us in August for this once in a lifetime executive protection training opportunity as we support those protecting us.

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