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 by M. Proctor on Independent Security Advisors LLC
Executive/ Dignitary Protection 2/2022

I am a LEO working on 30th year on the job. This class was awesome Matt basically teaches you backwards. Instead of instruction with step by step how to do, then do it on your own. It's do it on your own, then step by step instruction. You literally feel like you are lost at times but after Matt goes over what you felt you completely failed at you realize you actually got it. It tricks your mind. The course in a mental grind and will push you out of any comfort zone you think you have. I was a roll player for this class in 2020. 2022 I was a student. So I have seen it from both angles. What I can say is just trust the process. It is a way of learning new material that basically no other training does. Just trust in Matt and the instructors. Just remember and repeat to yourself "Matt knows exactly what he is doing at all times". You will understand what that means after this class.

It was a pleasure to be in this class and learn a new trade. Definitely worth it. One of, if not, the best courses I have ever taken. Matt Parker and team are a cut above the rest.

 by Vernon Dallas on Independent Security Advisors LLC
Executive Protection Course (21JUN-27JUN2021)

This course does open your eyes to a new and unpredictable profession. Similar to the Military, you are forced to make critical decisions, work with a team, conduct recon for a mission, and plan accordingly. It does involve some sacrifice and energy, but the results out way the long hours.

This course was brought to me out of nowhere, and it showed me I have what it takes to become an Executive Protection Agent.

Dignitary Protection Specialist Training (80 Hour Class)

As a 20+ year veteran Police Officer and current Detective, I can honestly say this Dignitary Protection course has been one of the best training programs I've completed during my law enforcement career.

Matt Parker and his staff traveled to our agency in NW PA and provided classroom and practical instruction on all facets of Dignitary Protection. Specifically, my class included 80 hours of coursework with an additional 2-days of Assistant Instructor training.

The class material was relevant and highly informative. Further, through the provided scenarios in training, our class was able to navigate hurdles and problem solve. This was highly beneficial in the learning process and it certainly prepared us both mentally and physically for the real-world environment.

Matt and Carl's knowledge and experience in Dignitary Protection also provided us with the proper tools and a wealth of information that will enable us to conduct protective service operations with confidence. Matt was also instrumental in providing our recently established Dignitary Protection Team with the proper training and foundation to make our unit successful. At the conclusion of the training, I can say we certainly earned the certification and title of Dignitary Protection Specialist.

 by Saul Hicks on Independent Security Advisors LLC
The best training I’ve been too!

I had saved my money up for two years to come to this training! I will say before coming to this class I was a little nervous about being out in the field on my own detail. But after the class I feel like I’m ready to protect any one the right way from the proper training I had through the program! It definitely has made me very confident in my skill set and services I provide. I recommend any new EP’s to take this course

 by Terance Bonelli on Independent Security Advisors LLC
EP training course review.

Going into the course I honestly expected it to be like any other where there would be "death by power point" and a semi burnt out instructor. What I experience with Mr.Parker was a highly interactive course packed with practical application, where I feel confident in my understanding of the demands and expectations of the job. The course highlighted a few personal deficiencies I was aware of but more importantly it shed light on some areas I was not aware of. Overall, I highly recommend this course for anyone who wants to pursue executive protection as it provides, classroom knowledge, practical application, as well as advice on how to navigate the world of executive protection.

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