Special Thanks to Raffaele Di Giorgio. A Call to Civility

 On May 25th 2019 my friend Raffaele Di Giorgio posted a comment /article on Facebook titled “Stop the fkning cannibalism”. And as an accomplished author I would expect no less from him than such an attention grabbing title.  You can read the full post below. 

 In his post he writes “Instead of celebrating other people’s successes, it seems that more people want to get on social media and backbite or cut into anyone who may have slipped and fell” he ends the post with this advice, “Let’s get away from tying our success to somebody else’s failure or judging our failures as somebody else’s success”.  Now if you’re working in the security or EP industry you have to be humbled at least a little bit by these words, because Raffaele is pointing out what many of us say and complain about privately, that there are some in the industry that seem to take great pleasure in pointing out the failures of others.  

 Now I myself have done case studies on the perceived failures of EP teams, or on a specific incident, but it was never done in malice. It was to learn from the procedural failures of the detail or to identify the methods used by the threat to be successful, there are times the detail does it right and the bad guy still wins. So after reading Raffaele’s post I’m glad every time we do a case study we ask “Are we being overly critical”, “have we moved beyond an objective assessment to finding fault”. 

But I also took a moment of self reflection to ask if I have reveled in the failures of others. And I had to say yes. I enjoyed the Red Sox beating the Yankees last year and going to the World Series over their beaten (figuratively) bodies, I loved seeing the Patriots win the Super Bowl and the crying faces of the vanquished opponent. But closer to home and in line with Raffaele’s post I have to admit, while I didn’t post anything, I did enjoy the failure of a industry peer last year I felt had gotten a little too big headed. Rightly or wrongly I allowed a personal animus to form.         

 So not only do I applaud Raffaele for his post, but I also want to thank him for his past support and in that spirit I will make every effort to ensure we are not “that guy” and pledge to continue to help our friends during good times or bad.