September 2022 Executive Protection Training

Unexpected Benefits

 Since CEO Matthew Parker departed on a leave of absence to join the International Legion in Ukraine, the staff and cadre of Independent Security Advisors LLC have continued to serve our clients and improve our training programs. But an unexpected thing happened, Mr. Parker after his service on the front lines was reassigned to of all positions, training, and operations. 

 Responsible for taking lessons learned from the battlefields and using those lessons to prepare Legion volunteers before they join the fight, it is a training program that is saving lives. But Mr. Parker was unsurprisingly asked to also provide High Threat Close Protection training for security forces. A request he has accepted and a program he is currently overseeing.

 As a result of Mr. Parker’s service in Ukraine and these training programs, ISA has discovered and gained a new world-class instructor and partnered with a tactical training center in Poland. In addition, some of the lessons learned from training in Ukraine have been incorporated into our own high threat (PSD) programs.

 As a result, our next training program in Maryland September 19-25, 2022 will incorporate the latest lessons learned from the field including from Europe.

Dignitary & Executive Protection Specialist Program

THE IFPO of today

A fully accredited Dignitary and Executive Protection training program that includes CPR, Stop Bleed, and ALERT Active shooter training for law enforcement and the private sector, this program is also endorsed by the International Foundation for Protection Officers. Accredited

 Voluntarily adhering to the training standards of the Federal Law Enforcement Training Academy (FLETA), this program provides specialized training to those who will conduct or support dignitary/executive protective service operations as a single agent or as part of a larger protective detail for elected and other public officials, members of the court, corporate executive-level leaders, and private individuals of wealth or other risk factors who are potential targets of terrorism and/or criminal acts.

executive protection training  The ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection Specialist Program course designers placed a strong emphasis on the threat assessment and risk mitigation planning process, and on stressing the basic methodology of “protection in-depth” to address the threat. So the curriculum will cover many of the standard operational procedures, methods, hard & soft skills, and tactics of protective service agencies such as the US Secret Service, and the unique methods of the military and corporate executive protection teams. Accredited

 All the exercises whether in the classroom or the field, or during the final live capstone are going to be real-world scenarios based on events such as the June 26th, 2018 breach of security of Senator McConnell and Transportation Secretary Chao, and the earlier shooting of House GOP Whip Steve Scalise of Louisiana.

 Students at the completion of this training course will fully understand the critical daily operational requirements and procedures to provide close protection services in accordance with all applicable laws and regulations and threat levels. #executiveprotectiontraining, #isa, #bestexecutiveprotectiontraining, #preservationofdemocracy, executive protection training, @ISA, best executive protection training, preservation of democracy, @USPSC, Dignitary & Executive Protection Specialist Program

Dignitary and Executive Protection Training, #executiveprotectiontraion, accredited
Fully Accredited Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course
Fully Accredited Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course
Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course





Advance work and site surveys; mission planning; emergency response; intro to motorcade; special and public events; EP detail organization; threat assessment process.

Training in the classroom, the field, and under real-world scenarios.


7 Days & up to 84 hrs.)
Courses; 7 – 100 Level; 8 – 200 Level; 8 – 300 Level; 4 – 400 Level
Total 27 Course Categories

Course Objective Summary: Graduates will be able to prepare a threat assessment, complete the pre-mission risk mitigation planning process and successfully demonstrate the proper procedures and skills needed to provide a safe and secure environment for a public official, or another client.

Program Training Sections: Medical (MED); History (HIST); Sociology (SOC); Philosophy (PHI); Operations (EPO); Management (MGT); Communications (IPC)

104 Course Learning Objectives; 123 Terminal Learning Objectives; 20 Practical Exercises; 5 Facilitated Discussions; Live Capstone

Mandatory Medical Training Certification

ISA instructors will provide AED/First Aid/CPR and Stop Bleed training not just to registered students of this EP program, but also to those who just need to re-certify their basic medical certification. 

For executive protection agents, this basic level of medical training is critical as well as required by the DCJS PPS 32E program.

This course is a fully accredited training program for law enforcement by the following agencies:

Maryland Police & Corrections Training Commission

Virginia Department of Criminal Justice

South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy

Georgia POST

Note: Accepted as part of an officer’s permanent record by the North Carolina Department of Public Safety

Approved for private or corporate security and private investigators by the following agencies:

Endorsed by the International Foundation for Protection Officers

Approved for the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Personal Protective Specialist Program 32 E & 32 I

Approved by the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board for 12 CEUs

Approved by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy for CEUs


Although this program is open enrollment restrictions do apply and seating is limited, Law Enforcement and Veterans have first priority for seats. Please review the syllabus on the requirements to attend and contact us with any questions at 315-486-7854, Mom-Fri 9 am -7 pm, Sat 10 am-3 pm

Tuition: Seven-day program

Special veteran and law enforcement tuition rate $1,150.00


IFPO members receive a $1000.00 tuition reduction for attending this course. The $1,300.00 tuition rate is available to all members of the IFPO in good standing and further tuition rates are available for groups and veterans.


All others cost $2,300.00 *Does not include lodging

Non-LE/Military Group rate savings:

Group of 4: $1,300.00 per student a $1000.00 savings 

Group of 3: $1,500.00 per student a $800.00 savings 

A team of 2: $1,800.00 per student a $500.00 savings


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