Dignitary & Executive Protection Accredited Training Provider

Training Standards and Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Personal Protection Specialist Program

ISA Instructors and training support cadre believe in high and quantifiable standards. Standards that support clear and achievable goals for both the students and instructors. To ensure we are meeting that standard our dignitary and executive protection program designers looked for official federal and state agencies with that same philosophy. We found it with the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Personal Protection Specialist Program (32E) & In-Service (32I).  No other official state regulatory agency had established specific regulations with the quantifiable standards of training we believe should exist, so we submitted our program for approval.

ISA is a Pre-Approved Alternative Training provider.

 The ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Course was fully vetted and evaluated by the training inspectors of the Department of Criminal Justice which determined our basic program of instruction meets or exceeds the DCJS course requirements for the Personal Protection Specialist Course (32E) & In-Service (32I) programs, and on 12 December 2012, ISA was approved as an alternative training provider for the Virginia PPS credential program.

 ISA has agreed our training sessions will be conducted in accordance with the requirements established in the August 10, 2015 Virginia regulation 6VAC20-173-170. for private security services training, and our executive protection courses will use as its foundation, the mandated training requirements of the State of Virginia. One of the most complete and well thought out programs in the country, we are honored to have our program meet or exceed its high standards.

**Note ISA is not a Virginia based or registered training provider, and as such we are not limited to the state mandated curriculum for the training of EP agents.**