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 New Policy in 2019

 Effective for all programs after 1 March 2019, to reduce the number of no-shows to scheduled training courses the hosts and sponsors of ISA training programs have instituted a non-refundable registration fee to reserve seats. This fee is credited to your tuition payment on attending. Government and law enforcement may request a waiver to the fee. 

The registration fee is $250.00 for all classes over $800.00

 Payment is due within 48 hrs of registration online.  We will initially use two methods, the Zelle phone app for mobile payment and for credit cards students will receive an invoice for online payment. Online payment through the web site will not be available in 2019.  

 Why Zelle? Because business is being conducted more and more on the move using smartphones and tablets and current trends have already shown a remarkable reduction in the use of debit/credit cards and an increase in the use of smart devices to pay for goods and services. We believe this will carry over into the security industry so it’s better to fully embrace these changes now than be left standing alone with an unused credit card terminal. 

 We also take issue with the fees and other costs imposed on merchants and their customers by the credit card companies. 2% cash back hardly covers the interest rates on most cards, and we as vendors have to pay 2.0%-3.5% fees or higher to accept cards. Zelle is a free service for both parties and free is better.

 Of course, there are limitations, most government agencies will continue to use credit cards so we will send you an electronic invoice for payment. Checks are always welcome as they have no fees associated with them.   


Payment methods: 

Primary method:  The Zelle cell phone app payments should be sent to phone number 315-486-7854, you will receive an automatic confirmation of payment and we will send you a receipt. 

Credit Cards: Students can request an invoice for credit card payment, this will provide students and organizations a receipt for the registration fee and should be saved for tax purposes.  On the registration form under comments simply write request invoice. Be sure your email address is correct.


We look forward to working with you in 2019 and beyond.