Looking Back: ISA and the Wake Forrest University Office of Emergency Management EP Training

Looking Back

ISA and the Wake Forrest University Office of Emergency Management Team Conduct EP Training in North Carolina.

ISA was proud to be selected by the Wake Forrest University Office of Emergency Management to conduct our fully accredited and standardized executive protection training program on the campus of Wake Forrest University in April 2017.  Students included law enforcement and private investigators from as far as Florida and was endorsed by the IFPO.

 Providing over 70+ hours of training, the students conducted a live real-world capstone where they provided security to a special event on campus with a low/medium threat assessment.  It’s not often a training program and its students are asked to conduct live operations but this is the third time ISA cadre have integrated a real event into training. It took the lawyers a day or two to work out the details but our students provided close protection and event security working alongside local law enforcement and other first responders and our students were the lead “agency” in all three events. 

One key point to make about this program was that the North Carolina Emergency Management Training Officer from the NC Division of Emergency Management contacted us for a copy of the training syllabus, curriculum, and certificates for each North Carolina Officer so this training would be placed into each officer’s permanent file.

Why is this important?  Because it validates our efforts to establish a standardized training program for law enforcement and private security alike that will be accepted by official agencies.  

    ISA looks forward to the next opportunity to enhance training with live operations, and we hope to work with other agencies in the future.