ISA Training Division Joins with First Forward to offer training to Law Enforcement

The ISA Training Division was originally established to provide specialized training to law enforcement in 2011, and the decision was made to not commercially market our programs. Instead, we worked with individual departments and academies and used the police training network to let officers know when and where we had a course. But with all “word of mouth” programs we received a large number of calls after a course asking when we would be back because they didn’t get the word until it was too late to register and attend. 

So in 2013 we added a training page to our website and listed our programs so departments could register officers in advance. This improved things, but not as intended. We now had private security and non-law enforcement registering for training, but departments still lagged behind and officers were missing training opportunities. So in 2013 we added a limited social media marketing campaign and doubled our mobile training teams time on the road from three courses a year to six. And again, we realized some improvements but not what we were looking for. 

Today, the ISA Training Division joined with First Forward and has listed its programs on its marketplace so law enforcement can now find our programs and register to attend months in advance, request our mobile training teams come to them or seek additional information on ISA training courses. 

We hope law enforcement departments that use First Forward to seek training will see that they now have a choice, and are no longer forced to deplete their training budgets using commercial training providers. Training officers can now make decisions based on the quality of training instead of the cost of training. 

To try the First Forward marketplace visit and type in dignitary or executive protection.

We look forward to working with all our students and now we hope that will include more from law enforcement.