ISA Support our Community Program Making a Difference

Support our Community Program

 Independent Security Advisors and our training division are once again honored to announce the ISA Support our Community Program has, on behalf of the graduates, instructors, and cadre of EP class 01-11 selected two charities to support after the March 2024 EP training program in Maryland.

 As with every ISA training program, a portion of the tuition and the primary instructor’s salary is given to support a local charitable program in the name of the students, cadre, guests, and role players. The graduates, hosting agencies, and sponsors are asked to select those charities.  

 This class was sponsored and coordinated by Percel O. Alston Jr. the Chair / Assistant Professor for the Public Safety and Law Department of the Prince George’s Community College and Lt. Adrian Curtis of the Prince George’s County Sheriff’s Office which also served as the host. Special thanks to Sheriff Carr, and Cpl Andres L. Hernandez.

Who to help then?

 This program was supported by two agencies within Prince George’s County so after consulting with the Sheriff’s office we selected the Prince George’s County Boys and Girls Club, and since many of the students attending the community college come from Central Maryland we supported the Meals on Wheels programs.

 Of course, the Meals on Wheels program was selected because of inflation and the cost of food, and to combat food insecurity for some of the most vulnerable.  In the Boys and Girls Club, we find the opportunity to help children in the multiple programs offered by the organization.

 ISA will continue this program through 2024 and we look forward to the next EP training program now scheduled in Washington State in May 2024.