ISA & Suitman USA, The Right Clothing for the Best Agents

Independent Security Advisors LLC is honored to have Suitman USA as our clothing partner    

Given the amount of time, we spend in a suit, at all hours, in all weather and often on the road an executive protection agent may wear out a poorly made suit in less than 12 months. And the cost to have a suit tailored around our equipment and weapon can be well over $50.00 per suit. But for many newer agents just getting into the industry and for those established agents always on the move the cost to be properly dressed in a high-quality suit can be prohibitive.   

So ISA is proud and honored to say all ISA Training Division alumni and our operational staff will now be handled personally by Mr. Stewart Altschuler the owner of Suitman USA.


Our alumni and staff enjoy a reduced price of $300.00 dollars off tactical dress suits, a $50.00 savings. And for 100 percent wool suits, a $50.00 reduction means our alumni and staff can enjoy a high quality great looking suit for only $350.00 per suit. Perfect for both the new agent just getting started and the agent on the go. 

And Suitman USA pays shipping and taxes.

Special Offer:

If you are an ISA alumnus or corporate partner, Suitman USA will go to you (50 suits minimum) for suit selection and fittings of your entire staff.

With budgets getting tighter we need to be sure our money is spent on quality clothing and we are proud Suitman USA has agreed to become our clothing partner.

Free suits: For every 15 suits our alumni and staff purchase we will receive one free suit for a veteran, retired law enforce or deserving individual.    

Attn woman: 7/6/2018

Suit man USA will provide two suits for the first two woman ISA alumni or affiliates sized men 42 regular comes with 36 waists to try on for your assessment. They will also tailor suits for a woman.  

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Contact them at (516) 395-4844 or visit their website at