ISA Executive Protection Training Program Charity Contributions

A history of giving

 In November 2019 Dignitary & Executive Protection class 10-19 hosted by the Maryland Park Police and co-hosted by the Anne Arundel Police and sponsored by the Prince George’s Community College Police Academy contributed $250.00 to the Shriners Children’s Hospital as part of the ISA charity program.  At the time the Shriners provided free medical care to those in need and this simple act of charity may have helped anyone of any demographic without conditions.

 In March 2020 with the pandemic just getting started ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection Class 03-20 contributed to the ISA charity program with a $250.00 donation to purchase COVID 19 supplies for care packages that contained toilet tissue, paper towels, napkins, disinfectant, cleaners, and bottled water.

Delivered to families by graduates in hard-hit areas of North Carolina these care packages provided hard-to-find items at the height of the pandemic when store shelves were empty.  

A second contribution by class 03-20 purchased personal protective equipment (masks) for first responders, various eldercare centers, and small community hospitals, and under-supported animal health facilities. A third contribution was made to a North Carolina based cancer treatment hospital in honor of a friend of the ISA training program lost to cancer.  

ISA K-9 student Aksel works with his partner

In July 2020 ISA class 07-19 took a different path and gave $200.00 in donations to two different charities, the American Humane and Feed America charities both received $100.00 donations. *Special note* The donation to American Humane is in honor of ISA’s first K-9 student Aksel and was fully supported by the ISA team of Chrissy, Sweeti, Scout, and Roxie.

 These three classes had different philosophies of giving, one more community action-based and the others more indirect by giving to those organizations making a difference every day.

But the end state is these ISA graduates are making a difference by attending training with ISA and by their willingness to provide time to community programs like the delivery of COVID 19 care packages.


Now, what does the Independent Security Advisors training division get out of this?  Nothing, nothing but the knowledge we may have made a difference in someone’s life, even if for only a moment.  Thanks to class 10-19 a child may be receiving lifesaving medical care, thanks to class 03-20 somewhere in North Carolina a single mother of two or the staff of a small eldercare center didn’t need to go out looking for toilet tissue or cleaners just when violence over what’s left on store shelves was taking place.

 A veterinarian is wearing a mask almost impossible to get and is still helping animals instead of closing her doors, and a first responder’s family is safer because the responder has a mask on when dealing with the public.    

And class 07-19 is helping to feed and care for people and animals with their donations.  In fact, a veteran may receive a dog to help with PTSD thanks to class 07-19s donations.

So what does ISA get out of this? Everything. #executiveprotectiontraining, ISA charity program, @ISA, #isa