ISA Announces New Instructors Joining the Team.

Executive protection training


 When a student looks at executive protection training and a training provider they often focus on cost, time and location. They forget or just don’t know the most important factors graded or evaluated by institutes of higher learning and regulatory agencies are curriculum, instructors and standardization of training. Just read the FLETA manual and review the regulations for training at a federal academy, or the Virginia Department of Criminal Justice training regulations for executive protection schools seeking accreditation.

 Let me say that again, if your instructors have no formal instructor training or certification they don’t belong in the classroom with students paying good money to learn or train.  Any training must be vetted to ensure it meets the needs of the students, it should address any licencing or permitting requirements if any, and meet the requirements of employers/clients.

The instructors must have the proper experience, absolutely, but also the certifications to actually teach the material, all because you once served on a detail doesn’t mean you can teach it. The very reason instructors are interviewed and often need to be nominated for instructor positions is because a poor instructor can greatly affect your training. Ask every police academy, the US Military and regulatory agencies that have jurisdiction over training. Rant over Matthew Parker CEO, ISA 

So Independent Security Advisors LLC is honored to announce we have two accomplished instructors with impeccable credentials and real world experience joining our Executive Protection Training Program.

These instructors have formal training and certifications as instructors, are licenced to provide executive protection and each has years of experience. ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection Training graduates they have our full confidence that our students will be well served.  

Mr. Beau Jarvis joined the Independent Security Advisors training division as an adjunct instructor for executive protection training in March 2022. An ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection Training Graduate, guest speaker and role player/evaluator, and assistant instructor, Beau brings to ISA his twenty-two years of experience in law enforcement including his certification as an Instructor/Trainer for the 28th largest Police Department in the Nation, conducting training in multiple disciplines from Executive level Officer to the Patrol Officer. 

 With several years conducting executive protection in the private sector Mr. Jarvis is also a Maryland Police Training Commission instructor with advanced training that includes physical security/vulnerability identification (Threat Assessments)/mitigation/and training, anti-terrorism &  counter-terrorism, and force protection, personnel & physical & operational security procedures. Mr. Jarvis also a certified Coopers Fitness Instructor and American Heart Association CPR/AED & BLS Instructor. 

  • Hosted, facilitated, and assisted in teaching as an affiliated instructor executive protection. Providing basic skills in this area of training to local, state, federal law enforcement, and DOD personnel.
  • Provided training for visiting dignitaries (Columbian Federal Police).
  •  Selected to serve as an supervisor of a patrol sector consisting of 12 police officers.
  • Served as a temporary sworn US Marshal to provide security during two Presidential Inaugurations and provide area security for several Presidential visits into Prince George’s County. 


#executiveprotectiontrainingMr. Kevin Brey officially joined the Independent Security Advisors Training Division as an adjunct instructor with the executive protection training course in March 2022, months after his first serving as a guest speaker, assistant instructor, and role player.

 An ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection course graduate Mr. Brey also brings his private sector executive protection experience and 27 years with North Carolina State Highway Patrol, where he served at the ranks of Trooper, Sergeant and First Sergeant, and with him comes his executive protection experience with North Carolina’s Governor and Lieutenant Governor details.

 A licensed Private Investigator through the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board, he is also a licensed Armed Personal Protection Specialist through Virginia’s Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS ID #99-589675 – Issued January 2019). 

 Kevin like all ISA instructors is certified, with Kevin he has a Criminal Justice Instructor certification from the North Carolina Criminal Justice Education and Training Standards Commission, and he served as an instructor in the North Carolina State Highway Patrol’s Training Academy.

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Kevin Bray covers advance work
Beau Jarvis conducts react to emergency drills