ISA and Montgomery Community College, a Great Fit

 As director of the ISA training division, it is my responsibility to ensure the facility’s we use for our programs meet a certain standard.  Yesterday we visited the campus of Montgomery Community College in Troy North Carolina and it was impressive.  So the decision to conduct our next three classes from the campus was reaffirmed and the decision was made to look at adding additional classes with dates well into 2019.

But in addition to conducting our EP training programs from this campus, we are exploring some new things we may be doing from this location in the future.  The ISA Use of Force & Rules of Engagement training program which includes unarmed and armed techniques based on the continuum of force may be conducted in partnership with the NRA range and college law enforcement programs.

Our CCW classes and advanced shooting course for protective agents will both be conducted with the college and we hope to work with the NRA instructors to add basic pistol and rifle training.

 ISA may commission the students of the college gunsmithing program to build new custom long range rifles and other firearms only available to our students and alumni.

ISA may commission the students of the knife program to create custom knives for our students and alumni.

ISA may commission the students of the blacksmith and creative arts programs to produce new custom Lepel pins for both our operational teams and our students and alumni.

The ISA protective service drivers program will be moved to Montgomery County and conducted with the college.  We are looking at adding additional cars and SUVs to our fleet and offering custom training year round.    

The ISA Protective Medical Triage class, with the CPR, AED and first aid programs, will be available on campus.

The ISA surveillance and terrorism programs, as well as our different seminars, will be offered from campus with additional seminars being offered online.

We are also considering opening a new office just off campus with a full-time team. So it’s safe to say we were impressed by the staff and campus of Montgomery Community College. Going forward we are looking forward to our work with the college staff and hope to see new students, alumni, and guests in September.