Explosive Detection Training & Services

Explosive Counter-Measures International:

Our friends at ECI understand the importance of having fully trained and qualified personnel on your team. So they go far beyond just “meeting the minimum”  standards when it comes to explosive detection services and training.

Dignitary and executive protection specialists in today’s operational environment must have an in-depth knowledge of the capability’s of an explosive detection K-9 team, and at ECI you will gain that knowledge, not to mention have a source for explosive detection services.  

 ECI has the most comprehensive and effective K-9 and handlers training available, and they use “real world” training scenarios which result in handlers and dogs that are not only technically proficient, but also highly adaptive and capable of dealing with the ever changing threats of domestic and international terrorists.  ECI instructors and staff stay abreast of incidents around the world and incorporate the lessons learned from those incidents into their training curriculum as well as there operational services.

Established training courses include:

 The above courses are always tailored and may be modified to suit your requirements.

CBW, UXOA, and HAZMAT courses are certified in accordance with 29CFR1910.

To request detailed information such as course outlines, please contact Megan Kelley at 540-364-6900 or [email protected].

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