Executive Protection Training Continuing Education Credit Program

Executive Protection Training; Corporate & Private Security Specialists:

Executive protection training by ISA is recognized by security industry organizations and state regulatory agencies who may require continuous education to maintain certifications. Continued education units, hours or credits may be received for attending ISA training programs in multiple states.

ASIS International

** Note** ASIS is not an accreditation body for courses. ASIS does not accredit, sanction, or authorize education courses or programs.

“ASIS certificates may use any educational activity that falls in any field related to security or business management as defined in the exam domains”. (The CPP domains can be found at https://www.asisonline.org/Certification/Board-Certifications/CPP/Pages/default.aspx

“It is the responsibility of the individual to make sure that the course attended is eligible for credits and to submit documentation for re-certification. The sponsor must provide a certificate of completion and agenda that includes the hours of classroom time that the individual can submit as documentation”.

“Participants completing the ISA course may be eligible to receive Continuing Professional Education credit or CPEs toward ASIS re-certification. Individuals seeking re-certification credit should check with ASIS and review the filing process at

Mark Pino
Certification Coordinator
ASIS International Alexandria, Virginia



**Note** ISA is not affiliated with or a member of ASIS International. Our programs were reviewed by the certification coordinator in 2017 and his guidance is above. ASIS members should contact the certification office for the latest guidance on CPEs and re-certification.  

Matthew Parker
CEO & Director of Training