Executive Protection Training and Drones

Drone use will increase by our assailants, are you ready?

Independent Security Advisors has been using UAVs and early drones since 2011 for our dignitary & executive protection and physical security programs. So it only made sense that in 2016 we started training our executive protection students on the use of, and threats from, UAVs and commercial drones, a course that was well received but under appreciated.

But in 2017 we came across the NC Public Safety Drone Academy and asked them to take part in our executive protection training for the Charlotte North Carolina Police Departments EPU. It was an exceptional opportunity for the officers and a boost to our training program. How often do you get subject matter experts with the newest technology so willing to share it?

As a strong proponent of drones, this partnership also allowed us to “sell” our law enforcement and government clients and students on using drones for everything from search and rescue to hostage negotiation and security operations. But then came the discovery of a drone on the roof of the Japanese embassy and the lawn of the White House followed by the assassination attempt on the President of Venezuela Aug 5th, 2018. 

Now we have a real threat to the life of our clients, not just a new method to violate their privacy and peek into windows. Drones will be armed with explosives or weapons capable of attacking our clients at home, in the office or in the car on a highway. So to help the next generation of executive protection specialists we have enhanced our drone training program in partnership with the North Carolina Public Safety Drone Academy, and we will be working with counter drone system designers and vendors to bring new technology to the agents in the field.

September 17th-23rd, 2018 will be our last open seating Executive Protection Course with drones this year. So we hope those just entering the EP industry will consider joining us, and for those agents that are interested in the use of, or threats from drones you can attend just the drone segment of training September 22nd on the campus of Montgomery Community College in Troy North Carolina. 

There is a small fee to attend and take part in training so if you have any questions please contact us at [email protected] or visit our website at http://www.eptraining.us    

We also recommend you visit the Drone Academy Facebook page and take a minute to review just some of the most recent articles on drones.