Executive Protection Training, accept the challenge and reduced tuition.

It’s too Hard??

 When we announced we were changing the dates for the August dignitary & executive protection specialist course I realized we would probably lose a few students because of scheduling conflicts, and we did. Law enforcement agencies and departments are really hard pressed to reschedule training attendance because of manpower requirements, but knowing that we scheduled a class in September for those students so they can still attend training by just moving it back a month.  

 But even with the loss of a few students from a police department I still believe rescheduling this class in order to take part in, and support a US Special Operations exercise was the right decision to make, simply put, when will such an opportunity present itself in the future?

Training is too Hard:  But what I didn’t count on were students withdrawing from the course because they felt it may be overly difficult to complete. In not-so-nice terms, our curriculum and our standards were too hard, and there is a perception that our limited participation in this exercise would somehow make it even harder.

Now I understand our alumni have posted on social media that training involved long days, things move fast, and involved homework, and I’ve seen the comments about the “mental challenges” for the students. Though I can’t understand what they mean by that.   

But for students to decide not to attend training with us because there is a perception the training is too hard is simply ridiculous to me personally. Why would you want to attend training that’s easy? What is the challenge? ISA training programs and individual courses have never simply handed out certificates because you show up; students have always had to earn it. And with an 89% graduation rate, it’s safe to say our programs have never been about tuition or profit. After all sending a student home doesn’t help the bottom line.

 Make the right decision: If you decide to attend an executive protection course with a different training provider because of their curriculum, the location, the accreditations, or even because of the “shiny objects” they offer like a whole day on the range, I understand and respect that. But because” it’s easier”? well, you’re really making a statement about your career future right there.  

 There are only 4 days remaining before enrollment will be closed for the August program on the campus of Montgomery Community College in Troy North Carolina. Only 4 days before you will miss your opportunity to take part in an accredited executive protection training program where your live capstone evaluation will support a US Special Operations Command exercise and a course that will introduce you to the use of drones in executive protection and physical security operations.

Tuition Costs:  Now to address another issue, cost of training. Well, I have said in public and published my thoughts on that topic, it doesn’t need to be expensive to be good and you shouldn’t go into credit debt to attend training. And we have always offered tuition reductions to law enforcement and veterans as well as a few affiliated organizations or groups. But I was asked by a gentleman just last week in an e-mail “why would we charge more to someone just starting out as opposed to a police officer who has a job and the money to attend? “Why don’t we offer discounts to beginners”.

 Well did you visit http://www.eptraining.us  and see our tuition plans, scholarships, and group rates? Did you notice you can join an organization for $35.00 and get over $1000 off your tuition? Did you take the time to do any research at all, or did you simply send the e-mail? I ask because attention to detail is what we do in executive protection.

Special Announcement: Because this course is supporting the military we will offer the reduced tuition rate of $2215.00 $900.00 to all eligible students. Law enforcement and veterans retain their special tuition rates. But scholarship applications must be submitted by August 3rd for processing and all background checks necessary for students to attend will still be completed. So if you are interested in attending the August program, which will be one of the most unique and challenging training opportunities you have had in recent memory and at the reduced tuition rate please reach out to us asap.

A reminder to ISA alumni, you are encouraged to join us on the 15th for the Capstone exercise as a role player or to take part as an agent. 

About the author,

Matthew Parker DPS, ATO

CEO of Independent Security Advisors and the Director of Training for the ISA Training Division. A veteran of over 20 years of service, he is an accomplished diplomatic and executive protection agent, anti-terrorism & physical security specialist and DOD certified master instructor. His clients include corporate and senior executives, diplomats and other “at-risk” individuals and their family’s.  

You can contact Mr. Parker at [email protected] 

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