Elected Officials Under Threat, (help is available)

Published on May 23, 2017

Training Available for local and state law enforcement to combat these threats.

Shortly after the January 8, 2011 assassination attempt of Congresswoman Gabrielle Gifford’s of Arizona, the CEO of ISA designed a training program to prepare local law enforcement to provide dignitary protection to their elected representatives. Before the incorporation of the company, Mr. Parker conducted this training to local law enforcement in Virginia. 

After his retirement from the US Armed Forces, and the start of the company, this five-day course was taught from the University of Maryland Public Safety Training Academy. This was a free class that over 200 members of local law enforcement took advantage of, and many of those officers are now working close protection for their mayors, county executives, and other officials.    

Since that 2011 attack, elected officials have received a record number of threats directed against them, their family’s and staff. If you supported the Affordable Health Care Act (Obama care) you received death threats and damage to your home or office. Then it was marriage equality, religious rights and so on. Our political process has been hijacked by those not willing to listen and debate, with anger fueled by the rhetoric of the extreme right and left wing media. And our elected officials now sit in the crosshairs of “Lone Wolf” extremists and organizations that are willing to use violence.   

The most recent wave of anger and threats are coming against Rep Al Green the U.S. Representative from Texas’s 9th congressional district, and others who favor impeachment of Pres Trump. Again, the political process our founding fathers envisioned is endangered by those who are unwilling to debate issues, but rather prefer hate, ignorance, and violence to honorable civil discourse.   

ISA still offers training to local law enforcement to prepare them to provide protective services to their elected officials, but since 2011 our programs have received multiple state accreditations so officers receive in-service or continuing education credit, and this was followed by college credit recognition agreements in 2012.

ISA has two upcoming accredited programs in July 2017, located in Atlanta Georgia and in Chicago Illinois. These courses are hosted by private security companies, but law enforcement does have priority seating. In addition, we have four, two-day courses for the South Carolina State Police in Columbia South Carolina starting in August.  

If we fill our minimum seating requirements we will open low and no cost seats to local law enforcement officers assigned to provide security to elected officials. For those departments that can’t send their officers to training in July, you have the option to host a program and receive free seats for your officers.

Since 2011 we have been helping law enforcement prepare their officers, deputy’s and troopers for the non-standard role of “bodyguard”, and doing so in a way that complemented the training available thru the Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers, and other official training programs.

Now in 2017 with the threats increasing, and the strain of smaller budgets and manpower shortfalls experienced by some departments is law enforcement prepared for our elected officials to have a town hall meeting? Can they come home and meet with their constituents in safety?

ISA stands ready to help with the training and systems development departments need today to address these threats, and financial considerations will never be a motive or factor in our providing training to officers in need.

We hope to work with you in July or in the future. For more information please visit our website at  https://www.eptraining.us or visit us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Independent-Security-Advisors-LLC-1293724307388514/

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