Drones & Executive Protection Training

The Drone Threat, it’s no longer tomorrow.

On Saturday, August 4th, 2018 any argument about the threat of drones to elected officials, business leaders, and others considered “at risk” was ended with an explosion in Venezuela during an assassination attempt on President Maduro.

The President surrounded by security forces and soldiers was speaking at an outdoor military event when he and others suddenly looked upwards, A drone packed with explosives had detonated injuring soldiers who had been standing in formation in front of the President, luckily the President escaped unharmed.

This incident and the use of drones by ISIS in Iraq as well as the discovery of drones on the White House lawn and on the roof of an embassy should be a wakeup call to law enforcement and civilian security providing diplomatic or executive protection to candidates for office, elected and appointed officials, corporate executives and others determined to be “at risk”.

For executive protection training providers, in our opinion based on the current and growing threat from drones, a training curriculum is outdated if you are not covering these threats. And if you think an assassination attempt in Venezuela means nothing here in the United States then ask yourself why the Secret Service and other law enforcement agencies want the authority to track and shoot down drones?

ISA instructors have modified drones and “armed” them with inert explosives, then we attacked a principle with a full detail getting into and out of a vehicle. The detail never knew they were under observation or an explosive device was 120 feet over their heads, well not until it crashed at 20 MPH into the roof of the SUV just as the “congressman” was getting into it. We then simulated the explosion with a drone frame packed with 1/2 pound of refined black power and ball bearings. The result on a dummy standing 4 feet away was sobering, not to mention what it did to members of the detail close by.   

Drones with a camera bring paparazzi over the wall surrounding the property of your protectee, they see into high rise windows and they can suicide dive into a car, home or office. But they can also be equipped to drop explosives and at 200 feet up at a hover you think you’re going to hear it coming?  

Eptraining.us the Independent Security Advisors training division is partnered with the North Carolina Drone Academy to provide specialized training to law enforcement and executive protection agents on the threat from drones, as well as the use of drones for close protection and physical security applications. We have been introducing students to drones since 2014 and as they grew in size and capability we have expanded the curriculum to address the new threats. 

Drones are no longer a threat for tomorrow, it’s here now and we encourage our peers to add this type of training to their own programs. Or contact us here at ISA, we offer our drone training program to anyone ready to learn and we welcome you to incorporate it into your own courses.

For more information on the ISA drone program contact Matthew Parker, CEO of ISA at [email protected]  

You can also visit us on Facebook at @DPspecialist, our website at eptraining.us   or call us at 315-486-7854 




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