Drone Training: Keeping our Promise, Update

Update: Since the last update to this post a video reportedly shows a drone exploding during an alleged assassination attempt on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. 8/5/2018  You can see the video here 


Since this post was written we have conducted additional drone demonstrations and just partnered with Montgomery Community College and the Drone Academy to conduct dignitary and executive protection training on campus starting in August 2018. This includes a day of training using drones for advance work, site surveys, motorcade escort/security and physical security operations. 

 First responders may attend these classes at no cost and our private security and EP students will receive adult continuing education credits as well as have an opportunity to get additional training and the license to operate drone systems.   


Original post 13 October 2017

 In keeping with our stated policy of introducing our students to the most recent technology and lessons learned in the industry, we invited Mr. Riley Beaman, the Director of Health and Public Safety Programs, and the UAV academy for Montgomery Community College to give a presentation and demonstration on the use of drones in security operations during the protective detail leader’s course for the Charlotte North Carolina Police Executive Protective Unit.

 Included with this demonstration was a briefing on the drone command center developed by UAV Mobile Stations and Mr. John Martin, the company owner. John really got the students’ attention with his demonstration of the drone and its 4K camera system in less than optimal weather conditions.

 A kindred spirit and fellow strong supporter of law enforcement, the Montgomery Community College drone academy offers demonstrations and operational flight training to officers and agencies at no cost. Because of this shared philosophy of providing students training in the latest technology and placing the needs of LEO above profit, ISA is working with the academy and UAV Mobile Stations to offer their services and products to our clients and students.

For additional information on this event, ISA training programs or services visit the ISA Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/Independent-Security-Advisors-LLC-1293724307388514/ or contact us directly via e-mail at [email protected].

For more information on the Montgomery Community College, Drone Academy contact Mr. Beaman at (910) 898-9683 or via e-mail at  [email protected]

For information on the latest in drone systems and the command center contact Mr. John Martin at 336-736-8515 or via e-mail at [email protected]

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