DP Protection Agency LLC Hosting ISA EP Training.

ISA is happy to share the following announcement from our friends at the DP Protection Agency LLC.

The DP Protection Agency LLC is pleased to announce its expansion into Georgia, and to celebrate they are hosting two accredited training programs, the ISA basic instructor course April 22nd-26th, 2019 & the ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Training course May 4th-10th, 2019 in Atlanta Georgia.

These classes will be conducted by Independent Security Advisors LLC one of the most highly respected and accredited training providers in the country, and graduates will be considered for new positions with our Georgia office. To grow successfully, especially with an expansion of services into a new market, you need to have a cadre of professional and well-trained employees and specialists who share the vision of the ownership. To build that cadre we will start with these training programs and a driven recruitment effort looking for those who believe in providing world-class service to our clients.     

 In 2017 we hosted an ISA EP Training course in Chicago with great success, and in 2019 we are looking forward to getting a running start in Georgia and becoming one of the premier security providers available. We hope you will join us as we get started.

From ISA: Mr. JT Brown the owner of The DP Protection Agency LLC is a 2017 graduate of the ISA Dignitary and Executive Protection Specialist Training Course, a class he hosted in Chicago for his current staff and for students from as far as Arizona.  Shortly after graduation, JT put his training to good use for a client attending an event also being attended by the governor of Illinois. The state police were so impressed by JTs professionalism and his preparation they included elements of JTs threat assessment into their own planning and allowed him into the protective cordon around the governor. 

This type of professional courtesy extended towards a private security provider by the state police is not the norm,  but it didn’t surprise us.  One of the guest speakers from that class was a member of the Illinois State Police with extensive EP experience and he noted JTs attitude and willingness to learn during his presentation.  Since then JT has joined ISA as an instructor candidate and has just completed his first class observation with us in December 2018 in Charlotte North Carolina.

Given JT Browns work ethic, and his professionalism ISA is proud to partner with the DP Protection Agency LLC and to help with their growth as a company. ISA has added the DP Protection Agency as a partner and affiliate, and we will be proud to refer clients to their services.