Defending Democracy & Protection of Elected Officials; Light at the End of the Tunnel

Protection of Elected Officials, ISA working with law enforcement to protect & defend democracy.

“Ideologically motivated violent extremists fueled by perceived grievances, false narratives, and conspiracy theories have called for violence against elected officials, political representatives, government facilities, law enforcement, religious or commercial facilities, and perceived ideologically opposed individuals”.
Department of Homeland Security, September 2021


 Since 2011 Independent Security Advisors (ISA) have been one of the loudest supporters and proponents of the private sector working alongside law enforcement for the protection of elected officials. ISA has provided those services, lobbied elected and security officials to fund those efforts, wrote articles and held conferences on the topic, and trained both law enforcement and private sector protective agents to work alongside each other.

 But here we are after two assassination attempts, a conspiracy to kidnap governors was thwarted, an attack on the U.S. Capitol took place, and two investigations including the Task Force 1-6 Capitol Security Review overseen by Lieutenant General Russel L. Honoré released their recommendations to improve security for elected officials and still, local and state officials and members of Congress lack the security required to safeguard our democracy. 

To make matters worse we have seen increased threats to local schools, elections, and health officials over masks, curriculums, and vaccinations. Mayors and county officials have resigned or declined to run for reelection due to threats and others have joined the conspiracy theorists further polarizing and damaging our political discourse.

 But there is some light at the end of the tunnel as more public safety agencies and department staff and train executive protection units. These officers, deputies, and troopers are mandated to provide protection to local or county Judges, elected officials, and candidates for office as well as to visiting state officials and members of Congress when back in their districts. They join a growing number of private-sector executive protection agents working directly for elected officials to defend our democracy.  

Erie Pennsylvania  

From October 23rd to October 31st, 2021 eighteen officers and deputies from various departments and agencies as well as vetted students from the private sector attended Dignitary and Executive Protection Training with a specific focus on elected officials and others designated as “high risk” hosted by the Erie County Public Safety Department 9-11 Center.

 As part of this training, the students worked with the ISA instructors and met with judges, health officials, and others to conduct threat assessments and prepare risk mitigation recommendations. This included a detailed physical security inspection for the Dept of Health. For more on this please view the media report available at; 

 The Public Safety Department of Erie County joins agencies and departments from Georgia, Maryland, Virginia, and North Carolina who have worked with ISA to prepare their own officers, deputies, and troopers, not to mention the over one hundred individual members of the military and law enforcement that have attended training with us, and have, or are now currently serving on executive protection or other close protection teams or organizations.  

 The reason ISA is trusted by government agencies and departments, law enforcement, the private sector, and our students is that we have standardized curriculums, lesson plans, accredited instructors, and proven training methods. We adhere to real performance standards and the training requirements of state and federal regulatory agencies which ensure every student can perform the same task at a higher standard of competency with each sharing a common set of knowledge and skills. #executiveprotectiontraining

The Future
 In February 2022 ISA is already scheduled to conduct Dignitary and Executive Protection Training for law enforcement in Maryland and is currently working with North and South Carolina law enforcement to schedule training for their agencies and departments as well. Vetted private sector students will be authorized to attend training in 2022 and we will continue the special tuition programs for veterans.

 The threat to our democracy is real, the threat to our friends and neighbors serving on school boards and volunteering during elections is increasing, but the Independent Security Advisors Training Division will work with our partners in law enforcement and the private sector to address these threats.

Erie County Training

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Advance work and site survey, arrival and departure planning
#executiveprotectiontraining; executive protection training
Site survey, interior movement, and event security procedures
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