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Clothing makith the man/woman

Executive protection agents spend a great deal of time in a suit. Hours in the hot sun, in the bitter cold, standing in hallways and on the move.  And agents need to look the part with a properly tailored suit that covers the equipment on their belt but allows for quick access. A suit rugged enough for the worst conditions, but comfortable for everyday wear.

Independent Security Advisors LLC is honored to have Suitman USA as our clothing partner    

We are proud and honored to say all ISA Training Division alumni and our operational staff is handled personally by Mr. Stewart Altschuler the owner of Suitman USA.


Our alumni and staff enjoy a reduced price of $50.00 dollars off tactical dress suits for a price of $300.00. And for 100 percent wool suits, a $50.00 reduction means our alumni and staff can enjoy a high quality great looking suit for only $350.00 per suit

And Suitman USA pays shipping and taxes.

If you are an ISA alumnus or corporate partner, Suitman USA will go to you (50 suits minimum) for suit selection and fittings. 


The Suit Man Tactical Suit is a specially designed suit that comes with a suit jacket that has side slits that allow easy access to weapons. Additionally, everything hangs near to the body to hide the radio, badge, handcuffs, and gun. It is accompanied with flat front pants that are cut to help keep them from unraveling under demanding use.

Versatile designs

As our suits were already tailored and used by thousands of employees in the city, state, federal government and elite security around the United States we know how to satisfy our customers. The clients of Suit Man enjoy complete management of their wardrobe. Our suits are designed to allow you to move freely to draw your weapon smoothly and to defend yourself when necessary. You will feel as comfortable interviewing a suspect as you will when you are chasing them and taking them into custody. You can pick from 4 colors (black, navy blue, charcoal, and gray) and 2 materials. Suit Man is versatile and offers great options while preserving the needed professional look.

Always tailoring with your delicate profession in mind

Suit Man regularly produces specially designed made law enforcement garments to suit your delicate job, lifestyle and custom needs, while offering fashion and comfort. Thus, always expect:

  • A proven custom cut tactical dress suit design
  • Long-term usage, fashionable looks, and quality that doesn’t wear off
  • Close to the body inside pockets to hide the radio, badge, handcuffs, and gun
  • A suit that hides the appearance of guns and handcuffs with side vents
  • Tactical dress suit jacket and pants with an extra layer of fabric from the knees down 
  • Option to pick from different colors and materials
  • Professional advice on dressing and which material/color to pick

Current Customers

New York DEA (Detective Endowment Association), Trump Int’l Hotel Las Vegas, UN Security, Washington D.C., Station Casino in Nevada, FBI, and the Secret Service.


Suits for Law Enforcement Officers, Detectives, Executive Protection, Security Agents, Secret Service, Special Agents.

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