CEO for TAC South Defensive Solutions, Your Classmate in December 2018

You have decided you need or want to attend dignitary and executive protection training, so you do your research online. And I’m sure you discovered there are 13 pages on google of “executive protection schools” so which one do you select?

Well, ask yourself who is attending those classes? Because if it’s an Independent Security Advisors course the students are experienced EP agents who are looking for updated and accredited training for their credentials. Its federal, state and local police assigned to an elected official, it’s the veteran transitioning into the EP industry and it’s the new agent who wants to get his/her foot in the door.  

And if it’s an Independent Security Advisors course one of those students is the CEO for TAC South Defensive Solutions. Yes, I said the Chief Executive Officer for Tac South.   

Mr. Frank Redd is a US Army veteran with 13 years of service in the Military Police with combat tours in Afghanistan and Iraq.  He served on personal security details, conducted combat support operations and in 2009-2010 Frank was assigned to train Iraqi SWAT officers; Mr. Redd received the Bronze Star for his service, and that would normally be the end of the story. But Frank also had several deployments in support of various Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and that type of deployment is not some standard run of the mill mission.

After leaving the military Frank worked with the NLEC-TC (National Law Enforcement and Corrections Training Center) as an instructor for Special Weapons and Tactics, small arms, and close quarters shooting techniques. You just don’t walk into a federal training center as an instructor. Your vetted, tested, background checked and evaluated as an instructor. Fail to meet a standard of training, well say goodbye.

But Mr. Redd decided to follow his heart into the private sector and founded TAC South Defensive Solutions in 2012. It’s never easy to transition to the private sector but since starting his company Frank has worked with numerous law enforcement agencies in the US and foreign military organizations in South America, Europe, and Asia.

Doing what?  Well in addition to tactical training, Frank also serves as a technical advisor to assist and support in the planning, developing, designing, and maintaining of training facilities including firing ranges, shoot houses, obstacle courses, and administrative facilities. Frank is also a security consultant who specializes in physical security penetration testing and covert entry techniques. That’s “red cell” to you and me.

So why does a highly respected and accomplished instructor and subject matter expert of his caliber decide to attend training with ISA?

 Because our students are not just here to learn, we require them to teach, share knowledge, and demonstrate leadership abilities. Anyone can attend classes and just sit there; our students have roles to play in training.

**Frank will not just be a student; he will also be a guest speaker sharing his knowledge of tactical shooting and weapons training and how it applies to the executive protection agent.

 But more importantly, because as an accomplished instructor he understands what an accredited training program is, and what it means to receive a transcript and certificate backed by law enforcement, approved by regulatory agencies and recognized by institutions of higher learning.  

So if Frank Redd is going to attend in December 2018, where were you thinking about going?  Who are your classmates?

Attend training with us and get challenged, or sit in class and get talked at. Learn executive protection, or jump from shiny object to shiny object as you go from a few hours on the range to a few hours on a track.

So please join Frank and the rest of the students, instructors, and guests this December, and see why our students are not just students. 

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