World Institute for Security Enhancement (WISE) & ISA 2019-2020 Training Program Announcement

For 35 Years the World Institute for Security Enhancement (WISE) has quietly provided training and consultation services to government agencies, the military, state and local law enforcement, corporations, the commercial security industry and institutes of higher learning. #wise, #worldinstituteofsecurityenhancement

Do you know who we are?

Hint: Some of our domestic corporate clients have included;

Alltel Corporate Services, American Express, AT-T, The Boeing Company, Cinergy Corporation (Duke Power), Deere & Company, Georgia Pacific, Kaiser Permanente, Lockheed Martin, Marathon Oil Company, Metra, Novartis Corporation.

Now that is a pretty good record
for anyone, and honestly to have worked with and provided services and advice to these companies has been a special privilege. So you must have heard of us right? 

Still no?  Wow, ok, not to be forgotten our staff has worked with government agencies such as;

The Department Of Homeland Security-Transportation Security Administration, Federal Bureau of Investigation- LA Field Office, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Federal Reserve Bank, Internal Revenue Service, University Of California – Doe-Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories, U.S. Department Of Education-Office Of The Inspector General, U.S. Department Of Energy-Sandia National Laboratories.

You must know who we are now
, but just in case you’re still unsure we have been honored to work with our military and agencies such as;

The Pentagon Force Protection Agency, U. S. Department of the Air Force, U. S. Department Of Army-G-2 Security Section, U.S. Department Of Army- HQ-Anti-Terrorism Force Protection, U.S. Department Of Defense, U.S Department Of Navy – Atlantic Fleet-Strategic Weapons Facility.

So now that we have established our bona-fides
( let’s explain why you still may not know us.

 A google search for the World Institute of Security Enhancement finds 45,500,000 results and we have been mentioned in the Government Technology & Services Coalition’s Homeland Security Today (HSToday) premier news and information resource for the homeland security community and countless other publications and web sites. 

But wouldn’t that mean more press and attention?  Well no.

 WISE for 35 years has been known by its clients for its work ethic and services, not their marketing. We have believed it unnecessary to scream our name from the rooftops, or more recently to try to become a social media “influencer” using thinly veiled marketing techniques such as SM posts filled with selfies and regurgitated articles. And because WISE has traditionally handled confidential, classified or proprietary material and managed projects that were/are considered at the least confidential, it was never authorized or proper to use our success for marketing purposes anyways.  


 “We are more than the worst thing that’s ever happened to us. All of us need to stop apologizing for having been to hell and come back breathing.” — Clementine von Radics, Broken

 In early 2019 WISE completed its total restructuring shortly after the loss of our founder, changes that began in the days after September 11th, 2001. WISE leadership felt to just sit on yesterdays success and not rebuild our programs to address the ever-changing and evolving threats to state and local law enforcement and corporate or commercial security would be to forget the sacrifice of those first responders and security professionals.  

 As part of that restructuring, WISE formed the Protective Studies Department (PS) under the proven leadership of Mr. Matthew Parker DPS, ATO, the current Dean for the PS department, Chairmen of the Diplomatic & Executive Protection Committee and a member of the WISE Academic Advisory Council.

This department is responsible to provide consultation, protective services and training programs specializing in Diplomatic and Executive Protection, International and Domestic Terrorism & Radicalization, Physical Security and other protective programs designed to address the threats from an international and domestic security environment that has grown more and more dangerous to U.S. and international political leadership, candidates for elected office and other public officials, corporate CEO’s, members of the media, key or historic infrastructure and on down to the police officer protecting the community.

 In an effort for the Protective Studies department to keep to our tradition of not using loud costly, irresponsible or misleading mass marketing techniques, the WISE PS department reached out to state and local law enforcement, corporate security organizations and managers, as well as to those responsible for the security of political leaders and candidates for office here in the U.S. and globally, by partnering with, or signing affiliation agreements with established and respected protective security programs, experts and companies.

 One of these companies was Independent Security Advisors LLC whose training programs had already been voluntarily submitted for vetting, approved or accredited by state regulatory agencies, law enforcement and institutions of higher learning at great expense.  This is also where we “stole” the Chief Executive Officer of @ISA Matt Parker as our new Dean of Protective Studies.

 Now that you have the history and background for WISE and our Protective Studies Department we have this announcement,

The World Institute of Security Enhancement Protective Studies Department & ISA is pleased to confirm the following tuition and scholarship programs for the remainder of 2019 and 2020.  

Diplomatic & Executive Protection Specialist Course DPS M01,  7 Days, 70-80 hours of study (Part 1 of the ISA/WISE Joint 32 day DPS Program).  

Special Tuition Rates for Law Enforcement and Military (Includes Veterans, National Guard, and Reserve) $990.00

All others $2250.00

Current Eligible Programs that provide a $1000.00 reduction in tuition costs:

  1. Steel Rain
  2. Executive Protection Leadership and Development

Associations and Memberships

Tuition for membership in the following associations, $1250.00;

  1. The International Foundation of Protection Officers
  2. Registered ASIS Chapters

 (To register send a request to  E-mail should include;

  1. Your chapter identification
  2. Request program registration

Chapters will receive the conditions and requirements of the program with a one-year contract agreement. Registration is free/ no-cost / costs nothing, but chapters are required to assist with marketing and logistics if they sponsor or host a class.

Group rate savings: 

Group of 4: $1250.00 per student a $1000.00 savings

Group of 3: $1500.00 per student a $750.00 savings

A team of 2: $1800.00 per student a $450.00 savings


Scholarships are available for veterans and others in the security industry. For more information visit   call or email for details 315-486-7854

For more information about the World Institute of Security Enhancement visit, @ISA, #executiveprotectiontraining, #isa #wise @WISE…0.0..0.144.2268.21j6……0….1..gws-wiz…….0i131j0.AbtByquMAvc   

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