The ISA Training Division Joins with the Executive Protection Leadership and Development Group

Executive Protection Leadership and Development Group joins with Independent Security Advisors LLC to Offer Accredited Training

 Some context:  This past June ISA conducted its fully accredited Dignitary and Executive Protection Course DPS 101 from the campus and classrooms of the Anne Arundel County Police Academy in Maryland. To conduct training from an official county facility we were vetted and had to present our credentials and state accreditations to the department for verification and approval. 
 We further had to coordinate our field training and live exercises with police departments, state agencies, religious institutions, educational institutions, private museums, airports, etc, and each further vetted our program and staff. 

 Now to our point, one of the students and graduates Mr. Nick  Clarke, who just happens to be the driving force behind the Executive Protection Leadership and Development Group, a Facebook page, had the idea to ask if his social media entity could be part of the ISA special tuition program, and offer its members the opportunity to attend training with us at a special rate. Seriously, Nick thought we would accept a social media page as an industry equal and offer our accredited, vetted and approved training programs to its members at a discount.

Well as you would expect the ISA CEO had something to say about that request, 

         “What a nerve, why would we agree to lose money to members of a social media page”?
         “Why would we accept some administrator of a Facebook page to select students eligible for these tuition plans”? 

 Why…. Oh heck, why not, Independent Security Advisors LLC and it’s Training Division is proud to announce the Executive Protection Leadership and Development Group tuition program. Another way for those entering the industry to receive real EP focused accredited training that has proven to help its graduates be successful.  

 “How can you say no, when you have an EP agent new to the industry trying to help others through social media, training, and mentorship. Oh heck yes, we’re in, and ISA is proud to partner with this Facebook group if it means helping the next generation jump-start their own careers”.  
CEO Matthew Parker 

 Its purpose: In the interest of the Executive Protection and Protective Security industry, the Executive Protection Leadership and Development Group wishes to support, in conjunction with Independent Security Advisors, entry-level candidates seeking to pursue a career in the Executive Protection industry. 

Requirements: To be considered for this unique opportunity, and receive a $1000.00 tuition discount, you must complete the following requirements:

  • Be an active member of, or join the Executive Protection Leadership and Development Group on Facebook.
  • Must have contributed to discussions and shared experiences or opinions in a respectful and professional manner with peers. Note ** New members will be expected to do so before attending training.
  • Must be between the ages of 21-45, waiver requests should be submitted with an explanation of why your age shouldn’t limit your access to this program.
  • Must hold a current guard card from any state and be actively pursuing work in the executive protection/protective security field.
  • Must submit a current resume and personal bio with current URLs and profile names for all social media platforms you use.
  • Using MLA format, write a 1000 (minimum) word essay describing why you want to work in the executive protection industry and what importance or lack thereof, the industry provides in general.
  • If selected, once training is complete, you are asked to write a course reflection essay to share with the EPLDG group.

Special Instructions:

Those accepted are required to register with DCJS at:

Once DCJS receives your application you will receive a temporary registration with your DCJS 99 number. You must have a 99 number prior to attending training.

Submit the essay with a copy of your Virginia DCJS 99 number and a completed Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Criminal History Form available at  

via e-mail to;

The next ISA training course will be August 12th to the 18th, 2019 from the campus of Barber-Scotia College, located at 145 Cabarrus Ave W 
Concord, NC 28025.

This course is also approved by the World Institute For Security Enhancement (WISE) Protective Studies Department and endorsed by the International Foundation of Protection Officers


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