The ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection Training Program. Measuring Success.

 There is a whole industry that provides training to law enforcement and the private security industry. And we’re sure each one of these trainers has a standard by which they determine success. The number of students, graduation rates, or simply their profit margin. And each of those is a quantifiable and valid method to determine that success.

 But at Independent Security Advisors it’s not the financial bottom line that determines our success, it is the success of our students after they graduate. Unfortunately, law enforcement graduates regardless of how successful they are after training with ISA seldom take to social media or post comments. So we have been content with seeing these graduates with Governors, Mayors, County Executives, and other elected or political officials doing well and making a difference.

 That all changed today when the prestigious and leading law enforcement magazine and social media Law Enforcement Today published this article;
Leading Security and Diplomatic Protection Training Firm Offers Free Class for Cops”
Posted by LET Staff | Aug 9, 2019, | Training

 For a company that prides it’self on its support of law enforcement and the success of our students, this article was a welcome validation of our efforts. But we are not going to rest now, and as the article mentions we have our dignitary and executive protection course next week to include a free day of training on the 12th of August that will cover threat assessments, triggers of violent behaviors, and threat mitigation planning. 

On behalf of our instructors, support staff and especially our graduates we would like to thank Law Enforcement Today, and Conflict International for this article and for supporting our training programs.

Leading security and diplomatic protection training firm offers free class for cops


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