The ISA Charity Program Still Giving

The Students of ISA Training Programs Still Giving in 2021

  In July 2020 the ISA charity program on behalf of class 07-19 gave $200.00 taken from student tuition payments for donations to two different charities, American Humane and Feed America, with both receiving $100.00 donations. *Special note* The donation to American Humane was in honor of ISA’s first K-9 student Aksel.

Thanks to class 07-19 we helped to feed and care for both people and animals, and a veteran may have received a service dog to help with PTSD.

ISA charity program, school supplies for kids, and a financial donation to kids cancer research

  Since then the ISA  charity program has continued to work with national and community-based organizations, and our students have given both financial aid and their time to community programs that delivered COVID 19 care packages, school supplies, and financial donations for cancer research and food banks.

 Thanks to class 10-19 a child is receiving lifesaving medical care, thanks to class 03-20 somewhere in North Carolina a single mother of two and the staff of a small eldercare center didn’t need to go out looking for PPE, toilet tissue, or cleaners. 



So what does ISA get out of this? nothing, this is all about our students and those they help through the ISA charity program. And now we can add 2021 class 3-28 and class 4-25 to the list of students making a difference.

Tonight 4/30/2021 these two classes combined to donate $500.00 to Feed America, and 2500 meals will now be available to those who find themselves food challenged during the COVID pandemic.

Thanks to Class 3-28 consisting of Maryland law enforcement, Virginia and Maryland private security and EP agents, and class 4-25 made up of the Gwinett County Sheriff’s Office Executive Protection Unit and former Georgia Law Enforcement a real difference has been made in the lives of others. 

The ISA team is proud to announce these contributions to charity and we look forward to working with the students of future classes to continue this program and to help others.

On second thought, what does ISA get out of this? Everything

Special thanks to our role players, instructors, and guest speakers.

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