ISA Support Our Community Program, Once Again Making A Difference,

Support our Community Program

 Independent Security Advisors and our training division are once again honored and humbled to announce the ISA Support our Community Program has on behalf of the students and cadre of Dignitary and Executive Protection class 010-31, made a donation to help the local Erie County Pennsylvania community address the problem of homelessness and hunger. #isa @ISA #supportourcommunity #executiveprotectiontraining


 As with every ISA training program, a portion of the tuition and the primary instructor’s salary is given to support a national or local charitable program in the name of the students, cadre, guests, and role players. But for class 010-31 the charity we decided to support was sadly a “no brainer”. Let me explain.

 This class was sponsored by the Erie County Public Safety Office and hosted by the 911 center, so of course, we spent time in and around the city, including conducting route and site surveys with the students. It was at one site we were told about the homeless population and how they were a factor in the security of the building. Then during the cold rainy day of the capstone event, we noticed many were still outside trying to find a dry spot out of the weather. One veteran stands out in our minds because his cap had the patch of the Third Infantry Division, a unit I proudly served in myself for many years.

Who to help then..

 Well given those “hints” it was absolutely certain we were going to help this population group, and to do that we selected the Erie United Methodist Alliance (EUMA) emergency, transitional and seasonal shelters; permanent housing program; and their other poverty-assistance services. Of special note is the Liberty House, a Homeless Veteran Center.

 But we also looked outside Erie County and all the way to York County PA and to the Search 93 Volunteer Search and Rescue Team. This team is seeking donations to help with equipment, training, and supplies, a member of which is a friend and former U.S. Army Military Police officer, CSM -Ret- Kurtis Timmer ( who after retiring is still using his training and experience in the protection of others.

 We are especially proud this close to the holiday season that these two donations will assist veterans and families and may lead to saving a life or finding a lost child.

Thank You

 I also want to thank Mr. Jon McEnroe the Erie County Safety/Training Coordinator for all his assistance and my fellow instructor Mr. Carl Persons who besides being an instructor with ISA, is the Principal/Consultant and owner of Service Star Consulting, LLC.


Thanks all

Matthew Parker


Support our Community Program #supportourcommunityprogram #executiveprotectiontraining Support our Community Program #supportourcommunityprogram #executiveprotectiontraining







Support our Community Program #supportourcommunityprogram #executiveprotectiontraining Support our Community Program #supportourcommunityprogram #executiveprotectiontraining

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