Special Thanks to Stephen Komorek of Abacus Research

Back in March, the ISA Training Division announced Mr. Stephen Komorek, the Director of Law Enforcement Training and Special Investigations for Abacus Research Inc. would join us March 15th & 16th as a subject matter expert and guest speaker during the ISA Dignitary & Executive Protection Specialist Course on the campus of George Mason University.

 Well, Mr. Komorek not only made it to George Mason University but his presentation and hands-on exercise placing the latest in ‘Unmanned Surveillance Platforms’ into real-time use was outstanding. Students split into teams and using the devices Stephen brought for this class established remote surveillance on key locations on campus while the “bad guys” tried to get around unseen.

This demonstration clearly showed the students how these systems could be employed in the EP mission and the strengths and limitations of their use.

The ISA Training Division wants to thank Stephen and Abacus Research for the class and exercise as well as recommend to our peers you reach out to Stephen if you have a need for systems of this type.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stephen-komorek-96760b150

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