September 2018 Executive Protection Training Registration Closing

 The Independent Security Advisors fully accredited executive protection specialist course September 17th-23rd will close course registration in 10 days.  With few seats still open, we wanted to remind those agencies and departments who have expressed interest in attending to submit your registration forms to reserve your seats.

 This will also be our last open seating program for 2018 so for prospective students from the private sector please reach out this week, we can’t promise seats in future programs until April 2019.

 For those on the fence about attending, we appreciate you doing your homework and comparing programs. But at this point let me add this to your considerations, if you want to attend a pure executive protection training program this is it.

Fully vetted and accredited we focus on the skillsets and procedures you need to have to be successful, and this course provides you with a foundation to build on with additional specialized training later. We don’t waste your time or money with a course that has executive protection in its title but provides little real training.

Learn to operate as a single agent or as part of a detail, prepare threat assessments, conduct advance work and plan out an EP mission. Learn about hostile surveillance, the use of and threats from drones and how to conduct EP operations. For a full description of the course download a copy of the syllabus available online at

We don’t dilute EP training with a day trip to the range or a few hours driving on a track, that type of training follows the “buffet” model and it’s a great introductory course, just not very good at preparing a serious EP agent.

Weapons, driving, surveillance detection & counter-surveillance, terrorism & extremism, use of force & combative’s and advanced medical training are separate specific modules we offer to EP graduates, and each program is totally focused on that one skillset. When we teach the use of force it’s all use of force training. This also allows our graduates to attend similar training programs that work better for their budgets and schedules.

Finally, what are you going to have after you graduate? Well our certificate opens the door to Virginia Department of Criminal Justice Personal Protection Specialist credentials, continuing education units (12 CEUs) from the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board, Law enforcement in-service credits, college credit towards a certificate in executive protection or towards a degree and most importantly industry recognition from hiring managers and security managers.        

Whatever you do, where ever you go for training, don’t think all certificates are the same. You graduate from the ISA program; you only attend or complete other courses. It’s not the same thing.

Hope to see you September 17th in North Carolina.

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