September 2018 Executive Protection Training Program

Do you hear me now?

       With the September 17th start date of our next executive protection training program fast approaching we wanted to gauge interest and see how well our marketing team has gotten the word out. We don’t allow open seating to our courses often, so this marketing thing is a bit new, our classes are normally  99% law enforcement, military or from official agencies. But with more interest in our programs coming from the private security and corporate EP sectors we have added 3 programs a year with open seating.

 September 2018 will be our last open course in 2018 unless we have someone decide to host a class with our mobile training team, so we hope anyone who was waiting to attend has the dates and will register. But did we do a good enough job of telling our story?

 Does anyone know our classes are accredited for law enforcement and private security? Or that you can receive college and adult education credits?

 Is it known our program was endorsed by the International Foundation for Protection Officers? And we are partnered with the North Carolina Public Safety Drone Academy and our EP courses include the use and threats of drones?

Are our scholarship programs and tuition plans known, and do members of ASIS and the NCAPI in North Carolina understand they have special tuition rates just for their membership? And the North Carolina Private Protective Services Board approved our programs for 12 CEUs?

Is our web address known as a source for EP and other specialized training programs? 

Does law enforcement know we are working with First Forward and posting our programs with special rates on the First Forward web site?

We welcome any feedback on our outreach efforts to the private security sector and any recommendations on how we can increase the volume in our marketing campaign.      

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